Men’s Watch Movements – Automatic Watches vs Mechanical Watches

Men’s Watch Movements – it is the mechanism of a watch or timepiece

All those who love watches cannot help but wonder about mechanical and automatic watches. These two have been taught to be one and the same. Moreover, these watches for men have watch movements. Men and women’s watches that are either mechanical or automatic have been observed to be more pricey compared with other types like quartz, or analog. It is because of these people often wonder what makes these two types of watches so special compared with the others.

The most obvious similarity between the two, which causes the misconception that they are the same is that both have zero need for the battery to provide the power to work for either one. Instead, mechanical and automatic men and women’s watches use a mainspring for the necessary power it needs to work. Another thing they have in common is the need for winding instead of a battery to move.

The power source of both Men’s Watch Movements

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The mainspring is the power source for the men’s watch movements of both the mechanical and automatic watch. It consists of a spiral strip of metal contained in a circular enclosure called the barrel. The outer end part of the mainspring is attached to the inner wall of the barrel. On the other hand, the inner end of the spring is hook onto the arbor, a shaft around which the barrel can turn, or which can turn inside the barrel. By turning the arbor or the barrel the spring can be wound up, storing the energy that makes the watch run and that is how it works.

Here is a short run through about these two types of Men’s Watch Movements:

Men’s Watch Movements – Mechanical Watches

  • It does not need another power source. So, it means that when you bring the only other maintenance for the watch is winding. When it suddenly stops ticking, just wind it up and its once again good to go.
  • It does not produce any annoying sounds. Unlike quartz, this type does not produce a tick-tock to it, that some find unpleasant to listen to.
  • Definitely, they are much nicer. Mechanical men and women’s watches surely look more impressive and dignified than other types.
  • Durable and normally well-made.
  • A disadvantage to it could be that its relatively more expensive. This probably due to the amount of work also needed to put it together.
  • Another concern about it is since its winded, one need to be more aware of the regularity of winding it, otherwise, it will lack precision and accuracy in giving the right time. The good news, however, is that you only have to wind it once a day before using it. So, it’s not all fussy.

Men’s Watch MovementsAutomatic Watches

  • Just like the mechanical watches for men and women. This one is also power by just winding. The difference is in the manner it is wind. This type has what is referred to as a “self-winding” mechanism. The watch is put together in such a way that it responds to the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Meaning if worn regularly, this watch need not be manually winded.
  • Impressive features. Nicely made and very presentable.
  • Similarly, it is also more expensive than regular watches.

Men’s Watch Movements

As stated in this article the men’s watch movements of mechanical and automatic watches have similarities in its features. However, they are a little pricey as compared to other kinds of watches but worth buying for. You’ll find several watch movements at Amazon, better check these lists then choose the best movement for your watch.