Men’s Spring Watches: Brings out the Best in You

Men’s Spring Watches – watches that are design for Spring season

“Spring is in the air and there is magic everywhere..” a line from a song that aptly describes the season. Spring is indeed all about new beginnings, fresh starts and a whole lot of magic even for the male folk. Start to prepare the schedule, bag, shoes and of course accessories for it like men’s spring watches.

Men’s Spring Watches – the best watch for Spring

Spring is the time for all that and for that every man needs the perfect timepiece to complete the adventure. Watches for men has grown to such degree that new launches annually that seeks to provide the best options for the clients. There is just so much to pick from these days, from straps, size, shape, features, and functions. Also, it’s practically a paradise for those who love to shop.

Shopping and wading through the various choices of men’s watches may be heavenly for the women, which unfortunately is not the case for most men, who simply do not have the time nor the patience to do so. If you are one of them, then this will be of big help to narrow down the list of men’s watches to choose from. So, here are two suggestions that might just do the trick. The price of each one is a  factor. Which of these wristwatches for men will make it work for you? So also, which men’s spring watches are perfect for the season?

Men’s Spring Watches that bring out the best of you:

Men’s Spring Watches – 1. Ted Baker ‘Connor’ Leather Strap Watch

men's spring watches

Super trendy with its blue leather strap that its 42mm in Ecru & Blue that just brings out the cool side of spring. In addition, it has a round face with a three-hand dial. Details on it are just well-placed and the size that is set to fit the impeccable taste of wristwatches for men aficionados.  

Crafted textured bezel accentuates that is just perfect for the lustrous curved edge of the dial spells creativity at its finest. Impressive and looks good whichever way you look at it.


  • Good looking in every angle
  • Color and design are simple enough to match well with a favorite shirt or polo for a relaxing weekend
  • Quartz Movement impeccable
  • Water-resistant to 50m or 65ft: in general
  • Just  right for diving, swimming, and snorkeling  
  • Certified stainless material
  • A bit on the pricy side


  • Case Diameter: 42mm; might be a bit too large for some who have small wrists and short arms

Men’s Spring Watches – 2. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

A watch that just doesn’t give the time but also quite useful for monitoring your heart and sleep. Another one of the nice automatic wristwatches for men. Additionally, other features would be its wrist-based heart rate, totally hassle-free. Obviously, black goes well with any outfit, hard to go wrong with that color.


  • Tracks work out time, distance traveled  and of for the health-conscious man also, gives calories burned
  • No need for batteries
  • Great heart rate monitor
  • Wristband that fits well with any wrist perfectly
  • Can sync stats easily with any smartphones or computers
  • Not as expensive


  • The distance is not that accurate
  • The wristband may be easily broken
  • The model is rarely updated annually
  • Needs to be taped harder for time display

Men’s Spring Watches – great timepiece for gentlemen

Spring is everybody’s favorite season of the year. These men’s spring watches are recommendable to you because it was specifically designed for the spring season. After reading these watches for spring, you learned that they have yay and nay that you need to consider before a new one. However, Amazon has selections of watches for spring for you to choose from. Better read these spring watches reviews.