Review on the best dive watches for men in 2019

Get the best dive watches for men as an indispensable accessory for a lover of watersports

Diving watches are what most men own but seldom use. I mean, it’s normal to see a CEO with a Rolex Submariner on his wrist. Aside from its function, diving watches are very classy and elegant, not necessarily worn only when in the water. The difference between dive watches for men from sports watches are simply, dive watches are for deep-sea diving. Now, not everyone can do that extreme activity. They often question asked is, how is it going to benefit the average buyers? The most non-complex answer is because – it’s exceptionally well-made. No doubt, every man would love to receive one of these. They have to resist water at incredible depths, but they also have to resist pressure and be capable of functioning.

What to look for dive watches for men?

  1. The watch strap or band must be silicone or rubber.
  2. It must be water-resistant at least 100 meters.
  3. The diving bezel must rotate into counter-clockwise.
  4. The watch crystal must be made of hardened mineral glass.
  5. It must have a stainless steel or titanium casing.
  6. The band must belong in order to fit the bulky dive equipment.

A superior dive watch is something that’ll make you feel safe during your dive. Some have depth indicators, temperature gauges, and other timing devices that allow you to track your dive. Below is a selection of the best dive watches for men in the market.

Top picks of dive watches for men to consider

Dive watches for men #1 – Rolex Submariner

Dive watches for men #1 - Rolex Submariner

Top 1 on the list, the famous masterpiece created by innovative watchmakers from Rolex. It’s the best known and most famous luxury dive watch – no wonder because of its world-class movement and a proven track record. These exceptional dive watches for men will steal the show at any occasion, whether you’re inland or sea. Most professional divers wear a Rolex and that’s because they really do make the very best when it comes to this type of timepiece. It’s highly recommended for those who do actual serious deep-sea diving.

Dive watches for men #2 Bremont Supermarine 2000

Dive watches for men #2- Bremont Supermarine 2000

Next, up in line is this Bremont Supermarine 2000, made from a brand known for its iconic British pilot watches. These particular dive watches for men are great options for the deep-sea diver. It actually has a depth rating of 2,000m. You won’t survive it, but your watch will. In the end, the fact is this is an exquisite timepiece and easy to read. It’s simplistic and offers you the freedom you want when diving deep.

Dive watches for men #3Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

Dive watches for men #3 - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

Omega is another remarkable brand that’s pretty well-known for its dive watches for men. This timepiece is great for divers, or also anyone who wants a dive watch for other sports. It comes with a built-in chronograph which is ideal for every type of race and offers a 600m depth rating which is more than enough for most professionals, let alone, amateur divers.

Dive watches for men #4 Breitling Superocean Chronograph M2000

Dive watches for men #4 Breitling Superocean Chronograph M2000

Just like any other watch manufacturers, Breitling has worked fervently to perfect the sports watch industry. Something unique about their creation, however, is their patented magnetic push-piece system which allows every function of the watch to be fully operational at depths of 2,000m underwater. These are the perfect men’s dive watches for the serious diver, but also the adrenaline junkie who needs a well made, rugged watch that performs in all the elements.

Dive watches for men #5 – U-boat 1001

Dive watches for men #5 - U-boat 1001

This one isn’t too popular, but they deserve the spot on our list. They make some incredibly well-made timepieces, but they make them bulky and they’re not exactly elegant. When it comes to men’s dive watches, they know exactly what divers want in their watch. It has a depth rating of 1001m with blue or orange luminescent markers which are actually easier to see than the standard white or green.

Dive watches for men are the most prolific men’s watch styles

Regardless of why you want to buy a dive watch, it’s safe to assume that you’re looking for men’s dive watches that are as rugged and tough as the Rolex Submariner. Even if you’re just taking it in the bathtub, you’d obviously just buy a Casio if that was all you were looking for. However, the selection is usually for those who aren’t afraid to invest so much on their purchase. Whatever you pay for, just make sure it’s worth it.