Luxury Watches for Men: Top 5 Americans Choice

Luxury watches for men – investment on beautiful timepieces

Luxury watches for men are I sound investments on timepieces, art, and accessory. It is a commodity that brings a lot of revenues annually. No wonder that even with the economic crisis the world experience, it continues to be a thriving industry.

Luxury watches for men – America’s choices

The United States of America is one of the leading (if not the top) countries to reckon with when it comes to product manufacturing as well as consumption.  They have through the years and a couple of crises proven that the manufacturing and buying power of the country continue to grow and get stronger. It is then a wise decision to have a peek at what their people consider as top choices when it comes to men and women’s watches.

Luxury watch for men – will never go out of style

It is an obvious observation to say that time is practically readily seen anywhere. It is accessible on wall and table clocks, smartphones, computers, tablets and other like gadgets and equipment’s. And yet, even when that is the case men’s watches continue to grow in demand and production. Americans on the other hand, are lucky to be in a country where the best of the best in commodities are easily availed of.  

Luxury watches for men – the options

There are so many great and wonderful pieces to choose from and so to have some guide will surely be of big help. Here then are some pieces to get you started. Each one well-crafted and will surely bring right touch to any look or outfit you have in mind. 

Luxury watches for men #1

  1. Mercer Concorde
Luxury watches for men  Mercer

This brand is found just out of Princeton, New Jersey. A reliable timepiece created by a manufacturer that has already produced more than wrist worthy watches for men and women. Their one of kind luxury pieces is surely worth investing in.  


  • Comes in a 43 mm case diameter which is just right for regular wrist sizes
  • Miyota  9039 automatic movement
  • Water resistant
  • Great style and easy to wear piece 
  • Durable and wearable 

Luxury watches for men #2

2. Audemars Piguet (Jules Audemars automatic)

Luxury watches for men #2

A brand name in men’s watches that are considered a league of its own. A trusted name in the industry which through the years have proven their place and credibility with good quality timepieces.  Maybe a bit expensive than most, but definitely worth every dollar.

Luxury watches for men #3

Luxury watches for men  #3

3. Omega ( Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean ) 

Men and their toys and of course the games and sports they like to play. Which makes this wristwatch a wonderful addition to any collection. This dive men’swatch series from Omega already made waves in the market from the time it was first launched in 2005. The fact that until these days it continues to be a favorite is testament of how great the piece is.  

Luxury watches for men #4

4. TAG Heuer (Carrera MP4- 12C)

Luxury watches for men  #4

What kind of men’s watch is it if it did not include a bona fide Swiss piece? and so we have this one from TAG Heuer. It is a nice combination of cool manly features and rugged sport style. The Carrera MP4- 12C is distinct because of its somewhat playful appeal which enhances the strap.  Great precision, workmanship and accurate applications.

Luxury watches for men – the last but not the least

5. Montara

We have the Swiss and so now we include one from another European brand, but this one comes all the way from Denmark. The Montara watches for men are well-known for their simple yet top-notch time pieces. 

Luxury watches for men – a worthy investment

Each piece has something special to wonder. No wonder they captured the hearts of Americans hearts. So, which of the luxury watches for men captured yours?