Leather Watch straps – the best leather watch straps

Leather Watch Straps – A watch strap that is made of leather.

Anybody that is into dressing up, have a working knowledge of fashion. Also, has an eye for beauty would surely appreciate, if not love leather works. There is just something earthy, stylish and at the same timeless in the beauty of leather. It is exactly what they bring to any men or women’s watch. They are used for as a strap, band or bracelet. No wonder then that all luxury watch brands would have leather watch straps they boast off.

Here is some insight on this nice piece of material used in leather watch straps. In knowing hopefully liking and loving will follow.

Leather watch straps – which leather watch strap to choose?

The most common description for this type of material is that it is one that originally comes from animal skin. It was extracted either by tanning or of similar processes. It is what people who love to combine comfort and style like and prefer. If you are someone who’s looking for something comfortable, stylish with a touch of dated look to it. If that is you, then leather watch straps are just perfect for you and your choice of men or women’s watch.

Leather watch straps – leather complements any type of outfit

It gives a nice complement to any type of outfit from casual to formal wear. This type is aesthetically pleasing since leather watch straps and bands can come in different colors. Although the most common ( and prefer) is brown and black. Easy to use and to fit, one can simply adjust it if it is too loose or tight (with no special tools needed).

Leather watch straps


Leather watch straps – 3 types of leather watch straps

Leather watch straps #1Faux leather type

By its name you already get an idea that it is not real leather. Instead, it is made from a plastic base then mix with either wax or polyurethane. So, to produce the desired color and texture. This is the cheapest kind of leather straps available in the market. For this reason, they are mass-produced in factories and smaller-scale watch manufacturers. Gives off a real leather vibe but tends to wear off faster.

Leather Watch Straps type #2Genuine leather type 

This stuff is the real deal, which is made from animal hides such as cattle, oxen or pig. More durable compared with t faux leather, nevertheless is not as great or strong compared with other materials like metal. It is of high quality, that explains its higher cost. Many love to use the term “genuine “ to describe it. And who would not want the word genuine attach to their men or women’s watch description?

Leather Watch Straps type #3Full-grain leather 

This is also made from genuine leather. The difference though is that this one has not been sanded or buffed out to remove marks and other imperfections on it.  This means that this type includes the entire thickness of the skin, which is the best of quality in leathers and is long-lasting compared with the regular kind. These are however more generally expensive in the market. If you want quality, durability, and authenticity then it is wise to invest in this type of leather straps.

Leather watch straps – collecting leather straps

Whenever you see individuals wearing a watch with leather straps, you might think they belong to a rich family since they look classy on it. Moreover, it gives a good complement to your get-up either casual or formal wear. With its different colors, it will be easy to match your lovely clothing. What are you waiting for? Start collecting leather watch straps now!

Are you going to buy leather watch straps for your watch? Better check on these lists and choose the best one!