Luxury watches – Review and complete buying guide on luxury watches

Making a first big watch purchase can be an unnerving task since you don’t know which to choose and if you have chosen the right timepiece for you. It requires education to be to obtain the perfect luxury watches for your wrist. For sure, you’ll drop by in some watch stores that sell luxury watches like Rolex, Omega or IWC boutique then buy the new piece that catches your attention. However, if you don’t choose wisely, you are going to lose your shirt. Put it in your mind that not all watches are made equal and not the same with the luxury car market so also not all high-end watches drop in price equally, either.

Whenever you’re looking for your first luxury watches purchased as an investment, it will worth more if you decide to sell it. It’s because there are watches that gain value over time, just like Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5711 that are presently selling for often more than the retail price. Also, it can be both modern and vintage examples of the Rolex Daytona that has been rise steeply.

Here are the top 3 best seller luxury watches for men

Luxury watches #1 – Rolex GMT Master II

Luxury watches Rolex GMT Master II Mechanical (Automatic) Blue Dial

You’ll not go wrong when looking at any modern steel Rolex catalog whether it can be GMT-Master II, Submariner, Explorer or even an Air King. Rolex has been controlling the production in the current years that has accordingly driven up prices even in the secondary market. The “Pepsi-bezel” GMT-Master II that was launched last year must carry a retail price of $9,250. However, this luxury watch for men is in demand in which they’re presently trading for over $20k on the marketplace.

#2 – Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 

Luxury watches Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph

The Omega Seamaster is one of Omega’s most iconic watches to date. It has a rich history with roots tied to space travel. Not many people may be aware but the Speedmaster models that have come to admire in this day and age were not originally thought of as a watch for space travel. When it was first released in 1957, it was portrayed as a sports and racing chronograph watch as Omega was the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

The design of the watch is just as iconic as the watch itself.

Luxury watch #3 – Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum 5496P-001

Luxury watches Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum 5496P-001

Patek Philippe presented a collection of pieces that the world has been waiting to see. The Patek Philippe Grand Complication takes two longstanding traditions of the brand-the officer’s watch case and complicated watchmaking-and brings them together in one stunning timepiece.

The Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum made its debut in 2007. It sports a 38mm 18K rose gold officer’s style case with the obligatory dust cover on the back. Rather than being a flat watch, giving some heft and presence to the timepiece on the wrist.

Choose what fits your lifestyle

The watch collector will tell you that the vintage luxury watch market has been on fire for the last few years. Phillips and Christie’s Auctions have high sales results so also more people getting into the business of buying and selling vintage watches. There are many vintage luxury watches to choose from but it’s risky as well. If you are planning to do it, you need to stick to a trusted retailer or else you can possibly experience a problem such as it’s not original or has mechanical issues or worse maybe both.

It’s very important that you know where you’re buying the vintage watch but knowing what to buy is another thing to put in mind. Most typical brands continue to ramp up its prices such as Yema, Wittnauer and other brands. In addition, vintage watches like Heuer and Breitling, old Omega chronographs and Bulova watches from the 60’s and 70’s are worth more than years ago.

Shop wisely

People will always say that you need to shop watches with your heart and mind more compared to your retirement plan. However, if you keep an ear to the ground then pull the trigger at the right time. Surely, you can avoid the massive depreciation on your first big luxury watch purchase.

Obviously, a new watch will depreciate in its price in the transition to being pre-owned. Buying pre-owned luxury watches means you are avoiding the depreciation since the RRPs rising every year. It can sometimes be a positive investment because the price of the new watches is often an anchor point for pre-owned watches. The advantage of buying preowned watches is the additional choice in which you can be able to browse hundreds of discontinued and vintage models side by side. Also, you make comparisons but make sure to buy the right watch for you. The watch finders Swiss-trained watchmakers process every watch through the manufacturer-accredited service center that will check factors such as authenticity, accuracy, water-resistance, and performance as well. It has a 12-month warranty from the Watchfinder.


The first thing to do is you should buy the luxury watch you want but if you can secure investment at the same then why not? It is one of the perks of purchasing pre-owned watches, to avoid the depreciation of the brand-new watches. The depreciation of the watches is slow but the RRPs are subsequently rising as it completely reverses and go the other way. Pre-owned watches such as Rolex or Patek Philippe can’t be sold for more than it was bought for.


It’s good that you have a budget for your luxury watches to start with and to stick to your budget. Most popular watches like classic Rolex, Omega and Breitling will be around £4,000 – £6,000. It doesn’t mean that there are no several options for less. There are branded watches like Longines, TAG Heuer, and Cartier for you to choose from.


If you have enough finances, your purchase in luxury watches will be more manageable whether it will be in a traditional arrangement or interest-free. By spreading the payments, you can possibly obtain a watch sooner not later so also with interest-free options. It means you don’t need to pay a penny more than the price of the ticket.


Watches just don’t tell the time but they also tell a story as well. It can be the story about the deep-sea exploration, beating a circuit lap record or the conquest of the skies. There’s a watch that can suit to everybody and everything. Obviously, the different functionality defines different styles of water like for example water-resistance in dive watches or a chronograph on the driver’s watch. Also, whether it be sporty or a super-smart dress watch that will complement the suit. Whichever watch you may choose, it’s up to you but treat yourself to one for every occasion.

Choosing a spec

Round – Most watch wearers fall into the category of the round that has circular chassis that’s holding the dial and movement. It’s the most efficient for analog dial watches.

Square – It’s a little complicated to manufacture. The square-cased watches have a unique, sporty style. TAG Heuer’s Monaco is a fine example.

Tonneau – It’s an elegant, multi-plane design that is used in dress watches to curve them discreetly to the wrist. It makes them exclusive because of the intricate shape.

Cushion – The design is defined by the transition from pocket to wristwatches. When the wire lugs were soldered to cushion-like cases to be able to be worn on the wrist.

Many people say that 39mm is the ideal size for a wristwatch but who is to judge anyway? Watches come in all sizes and shapes from a few centimeters to over 60, but how do you find the right size for you? Better try some watches on! If it’s a failure, cut out a paper template and see how it works then if you think it looks good, go for it! Take note, the size of a watch is given in diameter across the case or the width and height in the instance of a rectangular watch.


The material that you choose plays an important part in style and functionality of your watch and it’s worth putting them into consideration. Stainless steel is the most common material so also it comes in a variety of matte and polished finishes. On the other hand, precious metals like gold and platinum add solidity and appeal to a watch for some obvious reasons. Diamonds and mother-of-pearl enhance a watch’s appeal. If you are into adventure, the exotic materials like titanium, carbon fiber, ceramics, and even bronze are available.


When buying luxury watches make sure that it provides a full year’s comprehensive warranty that covers non-default defects and malfunction so also the balance of the original brand warranty.

Great investment

We all know that luxury watches are expensive so make sure that you found the best one so that it’s worth buying for. There are many things to consider in purchasing the right luxury watches for you, better read some watch reviews of your preferred timepiece as it can be your investment. Try to have a comparison between the pre-owned watches and the brand new before deciding to obtain one. Ensure that you bought the watch that you want and it fits your finances as well.