the best fashion watches for women in 2019

How to choose the right fashion watches for women

With everything telling you the time now, from smartphones, tablers, appliances, watches are worn for much more than the utility. Women are especially embracing timepieces to suit their individual style, not only that, but also to make a statement where they stand in life. Women’s watches could go anywhere from luxury watches to fashion watches for women, in a combination of different colors, materials, and styles. From simple fashion watches for women to a more luxurious style watches.

How you choose your watch is basically up to you, you can either go big or stay simple, below you will learn more about fashion watches and how you can wear one that will give you the full advantage of having a fashion watch without overdoing it.

What is fashion watches

Fashion watches for women are one that is always on the list among the girls. Choosing the style you want is an aesthetic decision. Women who pick fashion watches are more concerned about visual appearance, rather than the technology and durability.

With the fashionable wardrobe that hits the runway today, women love to match it with the latest watch trends that fit the day’s style. Narrowing down such as looking at watch comparisons, watch news and reviews and numerous articles online would also be a good help. Like clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories, a woman’s watch reflects her own style and taste. To perfectly achieve the perfect match, it should complement what you wear and where you go.

Different types of fashion watches that are important to consider

Over the past few years, women have discovered watches as an integral part of their look and have started creating their own watch collections. If you are one of those who have been bitten by the watch collecting bug and are already buying watches but want to boost your collection to rival other women watch lovers.

Things to remember when choosing fashion watches for women

Every basic watch collection should consist of four to six essential timepieces, including fashion watches for women. Which is you are a seasoned collector, you probably have that covered. Those include at least a couple of good everyday watches, fashion watches, sports watches, and perhaps a good classic luxury watch for special occasions.

Many experts advised women to look to certain genres or styles of fashion watches for women, and if you are considering luxury watches for women, keep in mind that these types of watches tend to keep their value over time.

Alternatively, some women tend to focus on certain brands that seem to be more likely to appreciate in value. Good brands to invest in include the top names such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Girard-Perregaux.

However, in this article, we will focus on fashion watches for women. Check out our top selections on fashion watches for women below and don’t forget to read the full review on each watch. The more you know about the watch, the better.

Our top selections of fashion watches for women in 2019

Fashion watches for women #1 – Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch

Fashion watches for women #1 - Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch

Kate Spade is one of the fashion brands that ventured into the smartwatch market this year. Kate Spade Metro Grand is one of the long lists of smartwatches by Fossil this year which is a figure of 300 different smartwatch collections. The Kate Spade Metro Grand is aimed specifically at women. Based on the company’s Metro Grand watch with the main differentiating factor being the slightly thicker casing and som extra function button on the side of the body.

The added thickness is not noticeable when on the wrist, and there is steel that stainless less is covering underneath. Unlike some other smartwatches with plastic covering underneath, the stainless steel option gives a more premium product that feels like the original Metro Grand.

Fashion watches for women #2 – Michael Kors Parker Silver MK5353

Fashion watches for women #2 - Michael Kors Parker Silver

If you want an elegant and timeless watch that is more affordable than luxury brands, consider Michael Kors. There are gaining popularity for creating timepieces that are elegant and classy but definitely more affordable. This model the Michael Kors Parker Silver-tone is one of the timepieces from Michael Kors that you may want to consider.

Fashion Watches for women #3 – Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

Fashion Watches for women #3 - Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite is an accessory that is perfect for when you want to dress up your look without practically shouting at passersby to admire your watch. While it isn’t flashy, it’s just striking enough that when someone does notice it, they’ll love it and ask where it’s from.

If you are the type of a woman that loves a minimalistic look the Daniel Wellington is very popular in that category, and their watches are easily recognizable. Almost all Daniel Wellington Watches come with an interchangeable strap which means that you can actually easily invest in different watch straps to match your outfit.

Fashion watches for women does not have to be expensive

Fashion watches for women have their own personalities. People find fashion watches for women for a number of reasons. However, women usually pick this type of watch because of how they look, being on-trend and the affection to a particular color that they love. Fashion watches is a way of expressing a woman’s attitude, giving hints of what and who they are. When buying a fashion watch, never forget to check on the combination of materials, colors, shapes, textures, and of course, the price. Always remember, having several fashion watches for women is what it should be.