Dress watches for men – what to look for in a dress watch

Dress watches – a classic and timeless look

When it comes to a classic and timeless look, subtlety and understated are key components to consider when choosing a dress watch. Your investment should last for years to come. A dress watch should work with all smart types, from work to wedding, interviews and tie events. First impression counts and the details matter. This is what dress watches for men are created for.

Dress watches – Here are the top tips for choosing the right men’s watch.

As you search for a dress watch for the first time keep the following guidelines in mind

Dress watches – Dial and complications

The dials are the first thing you notice on a watch and the dress watch is no different. Formal timepieces are very simple. The look is clean and minimal just like the Montara watches for men with interchangeable straps that will fit every outfit you wear, may it be black suit and tie, formal wear or a simple outfit for a business interview or business meeting.

The simplicity can carry over into the finishing of the dial, or it can be balanced by something more elaborate such as (engraving, guilloche, lacquer, and enamel). Many calendar watches, be they triple calendar, annual calendar or perpetual calendars, are known for classic dial layouts inspired by historical models. These can also be suitable for dressy occasions.

Dress watches – Choose the right case for the right occasion

Always consider the size of the case and the style of the case. The cases of dress watches for men tend to be visually soft, with rounded edges and subtle details.  Crown guards add bulk, creating a more casual, tool-watch feel. In contrast, a dress watch’s soft case gives it elegance and subtle style.

The size tends to be smaller, emphasizing the notion of restraint. White metals (steel, white gold, or platinum) are more understated, while rose gold has a warmer feel and yellow gold is the most nostalgic of the precious metals.

Dress watches – The selection of straps for a dress watch

The strap is often overlooked when choosing a nice dress watch, however, it has the power to completely change the aesthetic of a watch. Leather straps are de rigueur (etiquette or current fashion) for dress watches. The white metal is usually paired with a black strap and rose gold with dark brown. Yellow gold can be paired with either a brown or black strap.

Many fine dress watches are strapped with alligator straps to life the class factor and offer an ultimate luxurious feel. This does not mean that dress watches are limited to leather straps; some are mounted on bracelets and look every bit of the part of a classy look. It is all down to personal preferences.

Dress watches – How to properly wear a dress watch

dress watches for men - how to wear dress watches properly

A dress watch should be something you are proud to wear, there are some watches that suit all styles and price points. Take your time choosing the right dress watch for your style and according to your budget. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get something great. Your Rolex’s and your Patek Phillipe’s will surely get the people going, but really you’d have just spent thousands of dollars on a flashy mechanism.

If you are considering splashing out, then buy from a reputable dealer, and ask for the watch’s papers. A brand like Montara Watches, Bulova, Omega, Timex and even Seiko’s might have the right watch for you and carry a far more sensible price tag.

Dress watches – Personalize you dress watch with interchangeable straps

You can personalize your watch as you please simply by changing the strap once in a while, like all Montara watches have interchangeable straps either leather or NATO straps, which means that you can choose which strap to have for a certain outfit. However, engraving would not be advisable for watches that are expensive, as you will have a hard time to resell your watch.

Dress watches – keep your watch looking like new with great cleaning habit

Dress watches can last years and years ahead if the watch is well-maintained. It is important that you keep your wristwatch in a good condition, a good service every three to five years that will ensure the movement is cleaned and re-oiled. This can be expensive, so shop around for a good watch service. Servicing luxury watches can cost hundreds to thousands of pounds.

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