Best Dress watches Buying guide and top 6 Dress watch reviews

Looking for the best dress watches?

Men’s best dress watches are not the same as other categories such as pilot, racing dive and military watches that are more defined. The dress watch is an independent kind of watch. Other watches have a specific characteristic that refers to their functions while the dress watch is opposite to it.

Best dress watches can elevate your appearance and give you confidence upon wearing it. Ensure that you have chosen the right dress watch for your suit as it must match each other. Don’t forget that they are formal watches which means it’s simple but has an elegant look that catches everyone’s attention. Ensure that you’re wearing the right watch for certain occasions to be able to fit on that special event.

Two factors of dress watches

  1. Style – The best dress watches are simple, it means no colorful dials, unnecessary complications or bright bezels. Because less is more when it comes to formal settings, a minimalist is still the best.
  2. Size – Best Dress watches can be small or medium-sized. For men, it measures 36-42mm.

Finding the right dress watches is the same as finding the right suit for men. There are many things to consider such as it must fit you well, reflect your personal style and lastly it can elevate your look informal settings. However, even if you don’t on a suit always, having a dress watch is a must.

According to the stylist and watch expert Paul Frederick “Every man needs a very few accessories to look great in a formal setting- but a dress watch is one of them”. Another one, “Instead of the bells, whistles, and bulk that come with sportier watches, as slim, classic dress watch adds polish without stealing the show”.

Just like buying a suit, doing research before deciding to buy one is very important. Here’s what you need to know when obtaining a dress watch.

What makes a Dress Watch?

Best dress watches are recognizable of their slim profile and clean appealing, free from any complications that you can find in a dive watch or pilot watch. The leather strap is made of calfskin, crocodile or other exotic skins. But there are some exceptions for finer steel bracelets that give off a sportier vibe.

What to look for in a Dress Watch?

A dress watch must be around 40 mm in diameter or perhaps smaller. Better look for a clean dial, dark is more formal, it’s simple and elegant but can attract attention. A unique strap can uplift your look whether they are engraved or real. It’s better to choose black and brown but try green or blue strap if you want.

What to consider before purchasing the best dress watches for men?

First of all, you must think about how often you’ll be wearing the dress watch then after that think of your budget. Of course, don’t spend too much on a watch that you will be wearing for a suit only. You should consider purchasing a more casual bracelet or strap so that you can swap it out for a more laid-back vibe.

Even if there are many modern watches to choose from, don’t forget the vintage selections. They are designed to be compact and easy to wear in formal attire.

How to Wear a Dress Wristwatch?

Fit is very important with dress watches for you will be wearing it with long sleeves. Frederick says that “The slimmer a watch, the better, as these watches need to fit under your tailored sleeve cuff”. If you are planning to have a custom shirt made, better tell your tailor which wrist you’ll be wearing your watch so that they can leave more space in the cuff. If you are right-handed, the watch’s crown and the watch case must just peek out when standing still. Your jacket and shirt should expose your whole watch when you bend your elbow at 90 degrees or more. If it’s not, go to your tailor and wear your suit so that they can adjust it appropriately.

Top 6 best dress watches for men

Best dress watches #1– Rolex Cellini Blue Guilloche Dial Automatic Men’s Leather Watch 50519BLSBLL

Best dress watches #1– Rolex Cellini Blue Guilloche Dial Automatic Men's Leather Watch 50519BLSBLL

This dress watch is an outstanding watch that everyone would be proud to wear. With its double bezel and polished lugs that can get everyone’s attention. It has a fine, circular 39mm frame around its guilloche dial. The dial contains hour markers and minute counters that are located near the circumference. In a three o’clock position, you’ll see a date indicator that was marked by the odd numbers. The Roles Celline watch usually shines in Everose gold that has an 18k carat pink gold alloy plus a leather strap.

Best dress watches #2 – Omega Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar

Best dress watches #2 – Omega Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar

Omega has been manufacturing exceptional watches for men a long time ago up to now, Omega Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar is one of those watches. It’s the world’s first Master Chronometer and has an outstanding feature that will highlight the importance even more. The 41mm stainless steel case is protected by the hard, tungsten carbide bezel. The dial inside that nearly resembles the Omega Constellation’s vintage “Pie Pan” style. It has a great feature like twelve months of the year on the outer ring and presents a date window at the six o’clock position.

Best dress watches #3– IWC Men’s (IW371445) Portugieser Chronograph Automatic

Best dress watches #3– IWC Men's (IW371445) Portugieser Chronograph Automatic

Best dress watches for men don’t need to stand out exclusively on the design but they can also provide amazing functionalities to further complement an already impressive ensemble like IWC Portugieser Chronograph. Even if it looks rugged than the traditional dress watches, it still maintains the refined quality. The minute marker occupies the outer rim while the 40.9 mm stainless steel case holds a silver-plated dial with the striking blue steel hands. Also, the chronograph features a place at the six and twelve o’clock positions. It accurately tells time and has an automatic 79350 caliber so it also has a 20 mm alligator strap that fits the IWC dress watch on your wrist.



This watch was introduced in the public in 1916 and maintained its popularity for a long period of time. It comes from an established series of iconic watches. This model is instilled with attractive geometric characteristics and superb features. The smooth and transition from its steel case to the dark blue leather strap simply adds to its design so also with the dial that makes wearing a Cartier watch a pleasure. The sword hands work well with the Roman numeral hour marker. It has a date window at the three o’clock position while six o’clock has a small second indicator.

Best dress watches #5 Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon Q1368420

Best dress watches #5  – Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon

Jaeger LeCoultre watch must be included in your collection for it can go with any type of formal wear like a tuxedo. The charming moon phase of this watch sits at the six o’clock position. It is also encircled by the date indicators as it is witnessing the waxing and waning of the lunar depiction. The dial has a rhodium-plated, silver hour markers. The stainless-steel measures 39 mm in diameter and 9.9 mm in thickness.

Best dress watches #6 SEIKO SARB065 COCKTAIL TIME

Best dress watches #6  – SEIKO SARB065 COCKTAIL TIME

The Seiko Cocktail Time is a classic watch first launched in 2010, the Cocktail Time was created in partnership with Shinobu Ishigaki, who is one of the world’s most highly regarded mixologists, and the proprietor of a bar in Shibuya district, Tokyo, known as Ishinohana Bar. His carefully made and elaborately garnished cocktails were the inspiration behind the original Cocktail Time watches, with their colorful sunburst dials.

The new Cocktail Time models just released this year are part of the Presage collection, which was launched by Seiko in 2016. There are a total of eight Cocktail Time models, using two movements: a time and date model, using Seiko caliber 4R35, and models using caliber 4R57, which has a central power reserve display. The model you see here is SRPB43, which has a light blue sunray dial, houses caliber 4R35, and comes in a  40.5mm x 11.8mm stainless steel case

Best dress watches – specifically designed for formal attire

Most men prefer best dress watches because it will last for many years if it’s well-maintained. It’s very important that your watch is always in good condition by cleaning it and put it in its watch case but be sure that the watch case is perfectly fit to your watch. Take note that it’s also our belongings that need some care from us whether it’s expensive or not as it reflects your personality. If you’re taking good care of your watch, it’s obviously clean but if not, well the watch might have many scratches or crack in the outside. Best dress watches mostly worn on special occasions like weddings, anniversary, debut or more, so it should be clean to maintain its exquisiteness. Of course, we want our watch to still look new even if you’re wearing it for a long time. You can only do that if you give time on checking your dress watch and take an action if there are any issues by simply visiting the watch repairman or go directly to the watchmaker. In that case, you can save your watch from possible damages. Watch wearers would want to own a watch that can be worn for more years, it’s a great saving for them. Best dress watches are available in the market today so better choose the best one for your wrist and make sure that it fits your budget as well.