Comparisons of affordable dress watches

People often think that only expensive watches are nice and worth the money, which is the reason why many men have hesitation when shopping for dress watches. However, it’s totally possible a good watch that won’t cost over your budget. There are thousands of models available on the market, but you obviously don’t have the time to browse through every single on to find what you’re looking for.

With that, we’re doing you a favor. We’ve created a list of the best dress watches under $500.

Best dress watches under $500

1. Orient ‘2nd Gen Bambino Version I’

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If you’re looking for a high-quality dress watches that are vintage-inspired which isn’t too pricey, this watch has proved itself worthy. This watch has a stunning design that brings us back to the watches from the past with elegant details such as onion crown and a domed mineral crystal. It has a case size of 40.5 mm and a thickness of 11.8 mm. With the great craftsmanship of the Orient, the dial remains sleek and polished. Powered by a 24-jewel Orient automatic movement, this watch has a 40-hour power reserve.

2. Orient Men’s Esteem Open Heart Watch

The Orient Esteem Open Heart is a watch for those who love to dress casual but also want to stand out at the same time. This dress watch has a simple, minimal design that is enriched by a dial that allows you to see a glimpse of its mechanical system. Its slight domes crystal adds up to the aesthetic of the dial and protects the watch from scratches. It has a 41mm case which is 12mm in thickness. It uses a 21-jewel Orient automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve.

3. Stuhrling Original Men’s Dress Watch 371

The bold and intricate skeleton dial gives you a view into the watch’s fascinating system along with dauphine-style hands, a transparent back, and a fancy color combination. This watch features an automatic self-winding movement, which basically uses the motion of your arm to wind itself as a power source. Just keep in mind that it might be too big for some customers with a case size of 47mm and a thickness of 15mm.

4. Seiko SARBO65 Cocktail Time

The Seiko SARBO65 Cocktail Time, created through the collaboration between Seiko and Shinobu Ishigaki, is simply a perfect mix of style, engineering, and functionality. It has the right amount of design, minimalistic and classy with the stunning sunburst dial as the focal point. The dial is lined with extremely fine silver starting from the center to the edge of the watch, making it highly reflective. The watch features a 23-jewel automatic self-winding movement, while hand-winding and hacking are also available. The caliber 6R15 has 6 beats per second, allowing the watch to achieve an incredible 50-hour deserve.

5. Seiko Men’s Watch SARBO33

At first glance, the Seiko SARBO33 might not catch your eye as it seems very simple and traditional in design. However, this is the type of watch that will captivate you with its aesthetic as you look at it for a longer time. The case is well-made while the indices, hands, and the window cut-out are finely polished. The silver-tone on the black dial acts as a cherry on top, helping the watch exude a luxurious feel that will make you think it’s over $500. Some may find this watch a little too small since it comes with a case size of 38mm and a thickness of 11.2mm. It features a 23-jewel automatic self-winding movement with a 50-hour power reserve.

How big should a dress watch be?

Dress watches must not be oversized. Of course, you want to get people’s attention to your watch than your style as a whole, it means your dress watch should not be huge.

These are several elements to know the right size of a dress watch.

  1. Case size– The case size is the most important thing you must look for when you are looking for a dress watch. The typical case size for men ranges from 38mm to 46mm and 38mm for women’s watches. For vintage watches, the case size is 34 or 36mm. Never choose a watch a case size of over 46mm because it’s not proper for formal wear.
  2. Thickness – The thickness of a watch usually depends on its case size. A small case size measures 9mm in diameter. You can find many ultra-watches in the market.
  3. Watch bandwidth – The watch bandwidth is vital too and the case is the half diameter. A formal watch must have a case size ranges from 38 to 42mm, to maintain its proportion of the wrist and match with your outfit pleasantly.

An affordable investment

Dress watches are often overlooked as “expensive”, but there will always be good ones that meet your budget. It’s not impossible if you’re diligent enough to seek. The watch market always gives you a wide variety, so worry not, there’s a lot to choose from, whatever your preference is. Nevertheless, we hope our list helped you think about your choice.