Buying guide to different watch types for women

Learn about the 5 different watch types for women

In the last decades, wristwatches have become more and more popular among both women and men. However, it was only in the 20th century that watches were worn by women. We cannot deny that wristwatches are men’s only accessory that will tell you the status of the wearer. Mainly, a wristwatch was just for decorating purposes rather than timekeeping and somehow applies nowadays for women. However, there are lots of women today, that use a watch as a fashion and life status statement. So, the watch market has created watches for women not only to suit their style but also as a statement where they are in life. You will see a lot of women’s watches out there, from affordable, fashion, all the way to luxury watches for women. The reason we created this article as a watch buying guide for women and learning more about the different watch styles for women to choose. Read on and learn more.

watch types for women

There are different types of watches as there are different occasions to wear them. Below you will find the different watch styles for women and our suggested watch with a review as well.

#1 Dress watch

As we all know that women’s watches are extremely versatile and can be styled to any occasion or look, and this is the reason why dress watches are mostly for men. However, women today are also looking for dress watches for women to support formal attire. The rule of thumb for a dress watch is to stick to traditional timepieces. Your watch should never distract from your outfit but instead, play a supporting role in pulling your outfit together. If you are wearing an evening dress then the formal occasion calls for simplicity in the timepiece. A suitable dress watch only needs a thin black or brown leather strap showing only hours, minutes, seconds, and maybe the date at most. If you are wearing a metallic strap then make sure it matches the metallic highlight in your outfit or accessories.

Here is our choice of dress watch for women:

Seiko Women’s Solar Watch

Watch types for women Seiko Women's Solar Watch

You will be absolutely thrilled with its sleekness and elegance! The Seiko Solar is an excellent watch whichever way you look at it. Looks or technicality, it scores way above than the rest within its category. Though solar powered, it is not necessary you have to wear it for long hours under the sun. The watch will charge from any light source.

#3 – Fashion watches

When you start searching for women’s watches the first watch style you will come across on the internet is probably fashion watches for women. Unfortunately, the world’s most popular search tool doesn’t have the same tastes as any of the women, and you will quickly find that search engine optimization, in this case, leads to an ocean of designer watches, made by large-scale watchmakers but branded and sold by big and fashion brands with a significant mark-up and best-of lists.

When it comes to fashion watches for women, the search engines will not tell exactly what fashion watches means, this is because there are different ways to explain a fashion watch, it is not simply a watch like a dress watch, but it can also be as simple as you want it to be. Fashion watches are usually affordable in price and can be personalized as much as you want, and it can come in various styles, designs, and materials. Basically, a fashion watch is what fits your own fashion or style as well as your wardrobe.

Here is our recommended fashion watch that will certainly fit any style and wardrobe

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose Black

Watch types for women Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose

Well as our recommended fashion watch is Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose Black because you can never go wrong with Daniel Wellington women’s watches. They are elegant, simple, and very stylish, most of all, it is perfect for any occasion and any outfit.

Aso in the world of affordable watches it is impossible not to acknowledge the dominance of Daniel Wellington in this category. However, the brand would be nothing if it didn’t balance the intersection of style, versatility, and affordability with poise and confidence. One of its bestsellers is the Classic Petite Melrose for just around $169 to $189, available in 2mm and 32mm sizes. The Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose Black is powered by Japanese Quartz movement and it is super light and slim on the wrist. It is also water-resistant up to 3 ATM, and the shiny mesh strap is pretty but also easily interchangeable if you want to.

Watch types #3 – Sports watches

A sports watch is essential for every sports enthusiast. Along with all other sports gear and equipment, a sports watch is a necessary item, which should not be missed. A sports watch does not only help you tell time but it also provides many additional functions. Often, sports watches for women are comparable to men’s, but you get them in different styles and smaller sizes. But the good thing is that they are durable and offer the same functions as men’s watches. When looking for sports watches consider different types of sports watches, one that can stand up to extreme conditions and include all the required features.

Here is our recommended sports watch for women

Casio Baby-G BSA-B100-7A (white)

Watch types for women Casio Baby-G BSA-B100

Casio Baby-G BSA-B100-7A is a fitness watch with the Step Tracker and Bluetooth Mobile Link features, the all-new series from Casio, Baby-G BSA-B100 is the first Casio Baby G model equipped with Bluetooth.

Watch types #4 Casual watches

Casual watches should be dressy enough work and nights out, think uncluttered dials and shimmering metals- but not so delicate that you can’t wear it while propping up the barbecue party.

Our choice of casual watch for women – Michael Kors Slim Runway MK4294

WATCH TYPES FOR WOMEN Michael Kors Slim Runway MK4294

Michael Kors always brings watch-wearers a sense of confidence while wearing their design. Among their ready-to-wear watch models, the Slim Runway is probably the most simple and fashionable design. First of all, this model offers some of the easy-going-styles. The numerals are replaced with long dashes, no extra dials or buttons. Surprisingly, this simple watch is well-matched with most of the clothing items from vests to girls’ dresses. Furthermore, women who prefer a watch that shows less obvious implications of their strong personality would love the rose-gold color, which acts as a neutral factor to its design.

Know the watch before you decide to buy it

So many choices, so little time. When it comes to choosing your next watch, slow and steady wins the race. There are various women’s watches out there, and it can be a real challenge to know which watch suits you best. As a rule of thumb when choosing outfit, shoes, bags, and watches, always choose according to your lifestyle, your wardrobe, or when you will need the watch, for instance to a formal occasion, wedding, business meeting, night out with friends, or for everyday wear.

By knowing all these simple steps it will become easy to narrow down your choices from watch types for women, to styles of watches, movements, features and more. Always remember, that research is the key.