Buying guide and review on affordable watches for men

Affordable watches for men – buying guide

Men’s watches, first it’s for telling time and second as a fashion statement and not necessarily in that order. There are many affordable watches for men below $500 which serve a particular functional purpose whether it is a sports chronograph such as Timex or a fashion piece from a department store such as a Calvin Klein. Beyond watch brands in the Watch, the category is brands of varying levels of luxury and sophistication. Below we will discuss the importance of great watch and how you can match it perfectly with your outfit, so you look well dressed, professional, and sophisticated.

the watch’s functions

Watch Functions
It is truly important to understand the different styles of men’s watches serve different purposes. Watches for men can perform a number of functions and have a number of features commonly referred to as complications.  A date indicator, for example, is a complication.  Watches are built for certain functions such as diving, dress, sports, chronographs, navigational, aviation, fashion/style, etc.

understanding that expensive doesn’t always mean better

Affordable watches
Look for some characteristics that you care about such as style, cost, and function.  These watches are typically not serviceable except for the occasional battery replacement.  In short, buy a watch that you like based on aesthetics and some function such as water resistance or a chronograph, alarm, size, color, etc.

Buying a luxury over $500
These men’s watches will often perform similar functions like the lower cost watches for men do but they cost more, much more, and in some cases such as Philippe Dufour or Dewitt can cost much much more – as in millions of dollars.

The key criteria behind a quality Luxury watch are:

  • Sapphire Crystal – the glass
  • The movement – usually mechanical automatic self-winding while more advanced pieces using tourbillons
  • Quality of the craftsmanship
  • Precious metals and stones
  • Brand heritage and history
  • Exclusivity (number of pieces made)
Men's watches style guide

tip #1 – One Watch or Multiple Watches

When you plan on getting a watch and wearing it in all conditions, it should be in all respects elaborately impartial – ready to match with any shading and any dimension of the convention of the dress.

In case you’re willing to claim a few affordable watches for men, your choices open up. One can be smooth and downplayed for the greatest convention. It’s another expansive and sparkly for a discussion piece.

On the off chance that you just need to get the one watch, it should be sensibly limited. So also ought to more likely than not be a plain metal band and face as opposed to cowhide.

tip #2 Metal Band or Leather Strap

Metal watch groups have the benefit of a lack of bias. Your metals ought to dependably coordinate but men, as a rule, wear little adornment. If you have a silver-tone watch band. It’s simple enough to ensure you’re additionally wearing a silver-tone belt clasp instead of a gold one.

Aside from belt clasps and sleeve buttons. The two of which are effectively tradable, men don’t as a rule have numerous metals to stress over. That makes a metal watch band a basic alternative.

Pick the one that suits your closet and your identity best – or put resources into different men’s watches, or one watch with numerous groups- wear a watch with style.

 tip #3 – Dial and Case Style

The dial of the watch is the round, unmistakable face on which the hands move. The case is the metal which encases both the dial and the development (component) behind it.

Most cases are metal or plastic made to look like metal. You will in all likelihood need the previous. Outside of game affordable watches or utility pieces for working experts. There’s little purpose behind a developed man to possess an elastic or plastic watch.

Additionally, metals for cases can extend from treated steel to white gold and platinum and anything in the middle. Also, including rarer choices like titanium. They more often than not fall into either a silver-tone or gold-tone shading family, or else are hued dark or white.

Dials, then again, go generally in shading. Some are intentionally plain and straightforward. Dark dial with a metal case is likely the most widely recognized alternative for men. However, others have splendid shading.

Here is a list of affordable watches for men 

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying a watch is that it needs to be expensive to be nice, when, in fact, many affordable watches for men under a grand prove just how wrong that notion is. Although it might be a real challenge to find affordable watches that does not feel and look cheaply, which is why we went through the trouble to round up the best examples for you. Check out our list of amazing affordable watches for men on the market.

Affordable watches for men Under $150

#1 Nokia Steel

Watches for men Nokia Steel

If you want a watch under $150 and still a good-looking quartz watch, you could do a lot worse than Nokia Steel. But this being a hybrid smartwatch, you get more than just the time of the day. The watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth to give you simple sleep and fitness tracking info that, while not super-comprehensive, is helpful in tracking and motivating healthy behavior.

#2 Citizen Classic Automatic Blue Sunray Dial NH8350-83L

Watches for men - Citizen Classic Automatic Blue Sunray Dial NH8350-83L

The Citizen Automatic Blue Sunray Dial men’s dress watch with blue dial is still extremely affordable and handsome. The design of this Citizen Men’s Watch is sure to turn heads with its textured blue-dial, quality construction, and automatic self-winding movement. It features a 40mm diameter stainless steel case, a stainless steel bracelet, silver hands, silver stick hour markers, and a day and date window. The movement of your wrist powers the Men’s Citizen Classic Automatic Blue Sunray Dail NH8350-83L as you wear it. you can also hand-wind the watch. However, the watch does not hack. 

#3 Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17

Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17

Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17 has long been the value side of Seiko. They are solidly built, inexpensive automatics, sharing the same movements as higher-end models. The SNZF series has had a number of different color incarnations over the years, but with the same general design, starting with a 42mm stainless steel case with brushed top and polished sides. it sits comfortably on the wrist and is nicely finished with no awkward edges or pointy corners. Nestled inside is the trusty 7s36 23 jewel movement, which may be seen through the glass case-back. The view is workmanlike as the movement is properly finished, but not particularly decorated. it has a 3:00 push-pull crown that is protected by modest crown guards. Water-resistance is 100m, which is not exactly dive safe, but is sufficient for immersion, swimming, and all-around daily use.

Affordable watches to wear with style

The 3 mentioned affordable watches above are sure to make your style noticeable. Affordable watches are not just budget-friendly but if you look at some great designs, excellent quality, affordable watches could be a perfect match for you. Affordable watches does not always mean cheap, you can find lots of great quality watches out there.