Best Designer Watches for women in 2019

The Beauty and Function on Your Wrist

Women love wearing designer watches because aside from the beauty they bring on the wrist of a woman, it also provides a lot of functions that help in your daily activities. Many types of women’s watches such as designer watches, fashion watches, dress watches, and even casual watches are well-loved by women as they are such wonderful accessories especially for women who simply wear their wedding rings and earrings when going out. There is an equal amount of style on women’s watches that become popular especially in the trend today. You will see the latest designer watches for women in 2019 as we go through.

Why Women Love Wearing a Watch

Watches are not obsolete accessory despite the rise of high technology today where people often go for smartphones to check the time. Nothing can replace the convenience and fashion of wearing a watch. Take a look at these few reasons why women should start wearing a watch.

  1. Wearing a watch is a disconnection to the world of smartphones. Saying that you’ll pick your phone to check the time, you will surely be tempted to check your social media sites, emails, and more that results in consuming more time on your phone. A watch is good to have if you want to take a rest from internet use.
  2. Wearing a watch shows your personal style. Watches come in different designs, sizes, colors, and types. Casual watches are good to wear in your workplace while smartwatches are better when you love working out in the gym. Fashion watches for women shows your fashion preferences on the latest trend.
  3. Wearing a watch definitely gives you a lot of conveniences. Checking your time through your wristwatch is the easiest and most convenient anytime and anywhere especially at a time when consistently checking at your phone is not proper such as in a meeting, a funeral, or at church.
  4. Watches has many functions that you can use during your workout in tracking your exercise, calories burned or distance. You can also get your smartwatch if you need to check your incoming messages on your phone.
  5. A lot of watch types can fit your lifestyle. A durable watch that will stand up on your busiest day should be owned by someone who has an active job. You can also find a good watch that can fit your professional outfits. If you are a swimmer, you can find a waterproof watch that you can still use while on water.

Best Watches on Amazon!

designer watches for women

IWC Women’s Da Vinci IW458312

One of the best designers watches for women in 2019! This watch is in round shape and analog display, available in a blue leather band.

Michele Serein Mid Diamond MWW21B000094 

Another one of the best designer watches for women in black and round shape, analog display, and with a stainless steel band.

Read the full review Tory Burch Womens Collins TBW1200

Stainless steel cream quartz for ladies watch in analog display and gold-tone band color.  Another designer watches for women you will love.

Cartier Women’s W51008Q3 Tank Francaise

Analog Quartz Women’s Watches in rectangle shape with analog display and stainless steel band and has beige dial.

Chopard Happy Sport Women’s Watch 274808-5001

One of the best designer watches for women in 2019 in rose-gold and a diamond watch.

Considerations Before Buying One

Before taking one of the best designer watches for women in 2019, it is good to check on watch reviews and watch comparisons so you’ll never miss the beauty and benefits of the one you’ll pick. Taking some considerations before buying designer watches is also important such as the style if you want the analog or digital, features, material, water-resistance, brand, dial size and style, your wardrobe considerations, power source, luminosity, and the weight. Enjoy picking by choosing your top 3 designer watches, then choosing the best of all so it will be worth the buy!