Analog watches: Advantages and Disadvantages

Analog watches – understanding the analog timepieces

Analog watches typically consists of a machine that creates the “ticking” motion and moves the seconds, minutes, and hour hands simultaneously. Analog watches can be seen as the traditional watch before technology took over with smartwatches or digital watches. Literally, analog refers to a representation of changing values and quantities, in the form of a signal or device.

Analog watches –Origin of analog watches.

Analog watches are named analog simply to distinguish from other regular types of timepieces. In the past, all these different types of timepieces were simply called “watches”.  The analog then which is distinguished from the others especially the digital type is one which shows a display that very much mimics a clocks normal face. 

Analog watches – How does it work?

Analog watches - How does it work?
  • The  analog pieces from Rolex, Cartier and other well-known brands are the usual choice for nice dress watch. A dress has to be somethings that has subtle elegance, class and style; with all these as a criteria for choosing, the only sure choice would be an analog. This kind includes hour numbers which are  sequenced from 1 to 12 in a clockwise manner. Furthermore, a lot of analog pieces  comes with  3 hands namely, for the hour, minute and second. 
  • One can see that in such a piece the hour hand is  seen to be the shortest, second in length is the minute hand and the longest is the  second hand.
  • Many prefer it because of the convenience in telling the time at a glance
  • It can also be noticed, in this piece the minute hand do not extend up till the edge of the watch where the markers are normally found. This is not favorable as it causes difficulty in telling the minutes accurately. A situation that is not a concern for the hour hand;  it is observed to have better legibility, because the hour markers are easily viewed.

Analog watches – Advantages and Disadvantages of an Analog

The nearest type of display that analog wristwatches can be compared with is digital. This is because they are almost at a tie with respect to popularity and availability in design and style in the market. To a certain extent, it can also be compared that most of their timepieces would belong to similar price ranges in the industry.

Analog watches – Advantages

  • It provides a nice break and variations from all those digital screens that most   wristwatches for men   have now on their display 
  • A unique type of wristwatch that features and pays homages to the characteristic of early days watch
  • Many say that they look more formal than the digital
  • A safe and wise  complement to any formal attire, like as suit
  • More wearable and easily paired with any outfit, as well as a good complement for most events and occasions

Analog watches – Disadvantages

  • It is not as easy to see the time compared with the digital
  • Have limited functions and additional features to it

Analog watches – research is the key

Analog watches are the classic wristwatches, although there are lots of wristwatches that offer numerous features or complications, analog watches remain to be the most chosen type of watch when it comes to dress watches, aviator watches, and formal every day watches. This is due to its classic and more sophisticated style and look. Choosing an analog watch for your daily use will certainly depend on the type of lifestyle that you have, these types of wristwatches are not ideal for sports, as this does not hold any other feature than to tell time.