Wrist Size Guide – How to Pick the Right Size for your Wrist

Wrist Size Guide – your guide in finding the right watch size for your wrist

People are creatures of habit and balance. It is normal for us to be concerned with what feels right, comfortable and just right. This is the same in every aspect of our life whether we are conscious of it or not. There’s a wrist size guide that can help you obtain the right watch for you. Looking at another person, it is not uncommon for us to feel uncomfortable seeing the eyebrows or collar of another askew; that is just the way we are wired I guess. In other words, the proportion is very important to us. We feel the same way about everything and that includes our choice in men or women’s watches.

Nowadays, oversized cases and bands seem to be in fashion. For this reason, there are several watchmaking companies that have been releasing timepieces that are oversized. Well, fashion-wise it may be acceptable. However, know that even n fashion there are rules that need to be followed. Proportions that have to be observed, otherwise the problem may ensue. Remember that fashion is still all about what is beautiful and appealing which means proportion in men and women’s watches has to be met. Better read this wrist size guide.

wrist size guide

Wrist Size GuideProportions and Wrist Sizes 

Again, the keyword to remember is a balance. No matter how tempted you are to follow the trend in style, know the limit or else you might find yourself paying for an expensive men or women’s watch that you cannot wear after the change of season or trend. The rule is actually quite simple, if you have smaller wrists, then you will want a smaller watch to complement it;  and if you have larger wrists you will want a larger watch to go with it. 

Wrist Size GuideConsider This

Case Diameter 

This refers to the main face of the watch or simply saying the mechanism itself. Case Diameter is the part nowadays that have the tendency to be made larger these days. Nothing really wrong with it as long as it suits you. 

  • Men’s watches usually range from 38 mm to 46 mm. Know your wrist size.
  • Anything above 46 mm starts to become too large unless of course you also have naturally thick wrists or else you have to reserve this type of men’s watch for rakish or flashy outfits. If you are up to it or that is your style then that would be just fine.
  • On the other hand, anything below 38 mm is more appropriate for jewelry or women’s watches. Unless you have naturally slim wrists. 

Wrist Size GuideMeasure your wrist 

Since we are talking about balance and proportion, the best way to achieve that would be to know your measurements. Estimation is good but the actual measurement is still better. 

  • One hack you can to measure your wrist easily would be through a  dollar bill. Modern US Paper Currencies are 6 inches in length. Use it then as your improvised measuring tape. 
  • If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches you will be a small to medium wrist size.

There are just some simple things to ensure that you can really maximize the use and joy you get from the purchase you make.

Wrist Size Guide

Moreover, it’s comfy to wear a watch that’s perfectly fit to your wrist. So, better review the wrist size guide to be able to obtain the right watch for you.

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