Women’s watches – different types of watches for women

Women’s watches – Different types of watches available on the market

Women’s watches have endless options, as you search online, you can be overwhelmed with so many options presented online and at the stores. The secret is when buying a women’s watch is to do proper research before you decide on a watch. Almost everybody if not all have a wristwatch in their possession. Many of us, in fact, would have more than one wristwatch that we like and repeatedly use. It is then obvious that most of us would be aware of the different types and kinds of watches available in the market. the 3 common types of watches are mechanical, automatic, and quartz.

Women’s watches – the movements

As mentioned above there are 3 common movements usually used on wristwatches, these are mechanical, automatic, and quartz. To know the difference, read on.

Quartz – as we all are aware of quartz is a common movement for watches today, this is powered by batteries and is less expensive than its counterparts. Quartz movements cause the second hand to move in individual ticks.

Mechanical – this movement requires manual winding to operate, mechanical movements will cause the second hand to move in a smooth sweeping motion.

Automatic – this movement uses kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist is transferred automatically to drive the mechanism inside the watch.

Women’s watches – classification

But types, kinds, movements, and features are not the only way to classify or group another form be according to their display. Next to type movement, is the other one many are most familiar with. The next component which many do not mind but is actually most seen by the wearer is the watch display. 

Women’s watches – wristwatches display

The display is very important as that’s what will be shown to us every time we look at the watch. When we say display in men or women’s watches, what is referred to is the set-up of the screen or face of the timepiece. In this case, there are 5 varying kinds of the display to pick from.

Women’s watches – 5 Different Types of Watch Display Known in the Market

Women's watches - 5 Different Types of Watch Display Known in the Market

1. Analog – This one of the oldest and simplest types of display. It contains hour numbers which are sequenced from 1 to 12 in a clockwise movement. The most analog watch has 3 hands: hour, minute and second. It is considered to be the most basic of all watch displays, with its no-nonsense features.

2. Digital – Provides an easy view through the LCD face it has. Mostly preferred by those who want to keep things easy and simple including the process of checking and telling time.

3. Hybrid – The name itself can give some clues to what it is all about. Hybrid are women’s watches, which are basically a combination of the analog as well as a digital display.

4. Tactile  –  A type watch display that is said to be our practice piece in preparation for touchscreen displays. It is somehow to the mechanism and technology that enables smartwatches today, but of a higher version. 

5. Touchscreen–  It is the last but definitely not the least type of display. On the contrary, many will argue that it is by far the coolest ever developed and utilized on wristwatches.  With the advent of smartphones, advanced laptops, and iPads, came the birth of smartwatches; and what is a smartwatch without its touchscreen feature? 

Women’s watches – advances

Women’s watches have endless options, as wristwatches for women come in different colors, styles, straps, features, and more. Today, a wristwatch for women is more than merely an accessory, it says a lot about their lifestyle as well as status in life. When a woman becomes successful, like a man she shows it through her accessories, and many women today, have understood the status of having an expensive women’s watch to show their success to the world.