Women’s Watch Guide – Tips in choosing the right wristwatch for women

Women’s Watch Guide – Useful tips in choosing the right wristwatch for women

A wristwatch for women is one of the most prominent accessories which must be chosen carefully because it reflects much upscale and majestic on the looks of a woman, and the personal taste of the woman wearing it. Although one’s personal taste and opinion plays a key role as a benchmark for choosing certain wristwatch for women. Nonetheless, there are some basics that must be taken into consideration for selecting the right women’s watch. On this article you find helpful tips in choosing the right wristwatch for women.

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Women’s Watch Guide – Keep in mind the occasion for which you are wearing a wristwatch

When it’s time to choose a wristwatch for women, you should consider the functionality and style of a wristwatch, if you are buying for gift giving, it is important that you consider the character of the receiver and the character of the women’s watch, if they match. A watch represent the wearer’s personality, when choosing a wristwatch for women, you should also consider a woman’s wardrobe, does the person like outdoor activities, and then she needs a watch that can handle all the challenges it may face during an outdoor activity. If the person is a business woman, consider a more formal watch that can be worn in the office and presentable during a business meeting.

Women’s Watch Guide – There are different types of watches:

  • Dress watch – For a minimalistic character – A dress watch will be the perfect match for you; a dress watch usually comes with a leather strap with simple stitching, a common sized face and simple dial. Perfect fit for minimalist is a watch from Montara Watches, minimalistic and sophisticated in design and will fit every occasion you need to attend to, as all Montara Watches comes with interchangeable straps that you can easily exchange in accordance to your wardrobe colour and style.
  • Sports watch – sport watches are made durable to withstand all kinds of outdoor activities, if you are a woman who do a lot of outdoor activities, the most suited watch for you is a sports watch for women. There are varieties of sport watches on the market, and each brand comes with their own special feature that could be helpful during your activity such as heart rate monitor, step counter, stop watch, GPS and many more, it all depends on which activities you are into.
  • Chronograph – a defining watch for confident women, a chronograph women’s watch offers you a classic timepiece with a built-in stopwatch as a small dial on the face. It’s a more technical looking watch with slightly more design on the face; they’re commonly designed with a metal/silver strap but are also available in leather.

Women’s Watch Guide – Selecting the type of movement for the watch

There are 3 types of wristwatch movements, quartz, mechanical, and automatic. A movement refers to the mechanism that drives the hands on a watch face and powers its complications such as calendar, chronograph or a dual time zone.

  • Quartz – the movement causes the second-hand to move in individual tick, powered by a battery
  • Mechanical – the movement will cause the second-hand to move in a smooth sweeping motion. The watch requires manual winding to operate.
  • Automatic – Kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist is transferred automatically to drive the mechanism inside the women’s watch

Mechanical watches are mostly the most expensive wristwatches there is in the market, due to its complications and fine craftsmanship.

Women’s Watch Guide – Selecting the style and type of wristwatch for women

Selecting the case shape or style of a watch for a woman is extremely important. While the most popular and classic shape is one that is round, there are more masculine square options, rectangular chic shapes and even curvy or extraordinary dials to choose. You can also find various types of watches for women, ranging from a sporty functional timepiece, to a jewellery watch or even trendy and fashionable watches. When a woman takes her time, she will quickly discover that are several options to choose from when it comes to a new wristwatch.

Women’s Watch Guide

People wear a watch for several reasons, it may be because of the fashion trend nowadays. Women, usually give time in finding the stylish watch online or in the watch shop compared to men. It’s one of the precious accessories that they want to treasure like their pieces of jewelry. Here are some watches for women that ladies would love to purchase and collect, they are lovely!