Women’s Watch Guide – How to purchase the right watch size and fit

Women’s Watch Guide – How to purchase the right watch size and fit

Every year watchmakers unveil more choices to suit every taste and trend in the world of a timepiece, dimensions, calibers, case backs, complications, colors, and straps. While classic watch designs remain because of their innate elegance and appeal. The women’s watch guide can help you choose the right watch for your wrist. There is often a wide variety of subtle differences, whereby those in the know can tell when a certain watch was made and even how much you paid for it. In addition, size, which includes both the diameter of the watch’s case and its thickness, and fit are crucial components to consider when searching for the perfect timepiece.

One of the biggest challenges with online shopping – whether it is for a pair of jeans or new sneakers – knows how something will fit you. Surprising enough, this same pitfall applies to watches for women as well. As you browse online here is the key sizing and fit points to keep in mind as you shop for your perfect wristwatch.

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Women’s Watch GuideCase diameter

Modern taste has gravitated towards watch styles with a larger case. For women, a standard watch case measures 26-29mm and mini watches are usually 23-25mm in diameter. For men the average watch is 37-39mm; while the sports watch is 40-42mm and oversized watches measure 45mm and up. Some wearers will argue the case sizes have grown too big, others love the weight and impressive size.

Women’s Watch GuideCase thickness

Historically, a thin watch case meant a better and more refined complication and garnered a higher price tag as a luxury piece. Today, however, watch tastes have changed with ever-growing case diameters increasing in popularity. The case thickness has proportionally increased – even if the additional space is not necessarily required to house the watch’s movements.

Women’s Watch GuideLugs and case size comparison chart

Watch lugs are the metal extensions where the watch case attaches to the bracelet or strap. These lugs are not factored into the case diameter’s measurements. When measuring your wrist for which size diameter you prefer, leave breathing room for the lugs extend out over your wrist as it is comfortable to wear.

Women’s Watch GuideBracelet and straps

Most women watch straps measure between 6.75-7, men’s watches typically 7.5-8 inches. Leather, synthetic or non-metal bracelet straps are easy to fit given the rep-made holes. Metal bracelets can be adjusted by a jeweler or watch dealer who can remove or add links for you – just confirm that your purchased watch includes additional links if needed. If not, you can contact the manufacturer to see If they have spare links to send. The width of your watch or bracelet will depend on the case diameter and lug width, namely the larger the case diameter, the further apart the lugs, and the wider the band.

Women’s Watch GuideWhy the watch size matters?

There are three important considerations when purchasing watches for women, price, style, and size. Among them, size is arguably the one that matters most. It is not just about the width and length of the strap but also how wide the dace or case of the watch is. There is also the thickness of both the case and the bracelet to think about. How well the watch will look good on you will depend on the proportions of these elements. All watches may essentially serve the same function- telling time- but each one will look differently on you and your wrist. There are watch sizes that are better suited for women than men; there will be wristwatch sizes that are too big for people with slender wrists or too small for those fuller forearms. There are also watch sizes that match the current trend or go completely against it.

Women’s Watch Guide

Indeed, this women’s watch guide is for people who want to buy the best watch in the marketplace. These guidelines will help them in their decision to avoid regrets. For sure, they will meet satisfaction after purchasing the perfect watch for them.

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