Watch straps review – Leather and metal bracelet comparison

Watch straps – which is best leather or metal straps?

After choosing the type of men or women’s watch to get, the next problem to solve is the type of watch straps or band that goes with it. It may also be that you have a  formal watch that you really love but somehow don’t like the watch band it goes with or the strap broke, then you are in luck as this can help. There are so many to choose from but let us just focus on the top two popular picks. 

Watch straps – your strap depends on your style

For those who aim for a comfortable, classic, stylish,  and timeless look then a leather strap might just be what you are looking for. There was a time when it was all that men’s watch boasts of (easily matched with their shoes and belt). This kind easily goes well formal to laidback outfits. It also comes in different designs and colors, the most common and I could say popular choices are black and brown. They are so nice to look at and so easy to wear, as well as adjust for a more snug fit. 

Watch straps - your strap depends on your style

Watch Straps – types of leather watch straps

Watch straps type #1 Genuine leather

Genuine leather – usually made from animal hides such as pig, cattle, oxen or a combination thereof.  

Advantages of Leather Straps:

  • A very beautiful and durable material that can really compliment any women or women’s watch well, even the teenagers appreciate it. 
  • Easy to work on ( as most leathers are) 
  • More durable than faux leather

Disadvantages of Leather Straps:

  • Not as durable or strong than metal bracelets
  • Not water resistant
  • Has a distinct smell (as leathers are, may be considered an advantage by some)
  • Smell can be influenced by sweat and dirt over time
  • Expensive

Watch straps type #2 – Faux leather

Faux leather – as the name implies it is not made from real leather. This type comes from the plastic base which was then mixed with either wax or polyurethane to recreate the color and texture of real leather. 

Advantages of Leather Straps:

  • The most affordable of the three in the market. 
  • Durable
  • Have better water resistance than genuine leather

Disadvantages of Leather Straps:

  • Mass-produced ( not a good thing if you are the type that goes for exclusivity or one of a kind creations)
  • The tendency to wear off fast

Watch straps type #3 – Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather  – it is also made from genuine leather and therefore from animal hides but this type has none undergone being sanded or buffed out to polish its look. 

     Advantages of Leather Straps:

  • Includes the whole skin and so is the best quality leather
  • Works well with a variety of style and design 
  • Comes in different colors and leather variety to choose from

     Disadvantages of Leather Straps:

  • Not water-resistant as any leathers 
  • Expensive 

Watch straps – Pros and cons of metal bracelets

Metal Bracelets

This is a popular choice in men and women’s watch bracelets ( and also for the watch itself). It comes in different types of metals, like; stainless steel, brass, silver, gold (white and yellow), titanium and platinum.


  • Waterproof resistant making it ideal for sports
  • Durable 


  • It is heavier than other materials ( not as comfortable)
  • Harder to adjust or fit
  • Others may have an allergic reaction to metals

Leather Straps and Metal Bracelets

Watch straps can be made of leather or metals. When you choose leather straps, it’s wearable to any occasion – casual or formal wear. On the other hand, when you pick the metal bracelet it’s specially designed to formal occasions. So, better select the best watch strap that you think perfect for your timepiece.

You’ll find and unique and quality leather straps on these lists, check it!