Watches for Women Guide: Proper Watch Etiquette in Wearing a Watch

Watches for Women Guide – Ladies guide in wearing a watch

Watches for women or men is not just a piece of equipment that helps the time, it is more than that. It is, as a matter of fact, a statement piece, a way to communicate one’s personal taste, style, and fashion sense. However, you need to know the watches for women guide.

In other words, it can be said to be an extension of its owner. Part of the package that allows its wearer to have exuded a first good impression or the opposite. For this reason, serious watch collectors and connoisseurs must be equipped with the right etiquette to guide him or her through and follow the watches for women guide.

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Watches for Women Guide #1 Wear a Watch: Classic vs. alternative 

The classic way to wear women’s watches is of course strap around your wrist with the dial facing towards you when you lift the arm that has it on. The position would be just above the wrist bone. It has to be the strap on the right; not too tight or loose like a bracelet (especially for the men’ swatches). The size of the face also matters it has to be just right for the size of the wearer’s wrist.

In recent years, the fashion industry released a  lot of oversized watches and naturally many fell victim into that trap. Note that large pieces are not for everyone. They could either make your wrist look gigantic (not an effect the ladies would appreciate) or dainty which the men I presume would also like.  That being said make a point to know your wrist size and know the acceptable case diameter that goes well with it.

Watches for Women Guide #2 Wrist: Left or Right

The answer to this would depend on which type of person are you. If you are a right-handed person then it means that your right’s hand is the dominant one. The simple and practical guide to follow would be placing your women’s watches on the non-dominant hand’s wrist.  

Why do you might ask? Well, for one strapping on your dominant hand can only get in the way of the work. So, you mostly use that hand for like writing and other stuff like that. It is not only convenient to place it there, but it is also comfortable for the same reasons. In the past, people had the notion that wristwatches have to be the strap on their left wrist. This is probably because the majority of people around the world are right-handed. Those would naturally place theirs on the opposite hand which others just followed without really knowing why.

Watches for Women Guide #3 Occasion: Will any type do?

Just like with anything else in society, the simple rule to live by would be to wear the piece that is the most appropriate for the occasion.  It is not about the price. It does not mean that because the timepiece is expensive that you can already wear it anywhere. Well, technically you can but that knows that it will, of course, affect the impression that you make or want to create. Do not forget that not everybody can pull off what agent 007 can. That is wearing a diver’s watch with a suit and dinner jacket.

Watches for Women Guide

Not all watch wearers knew about the watches for women guide for as long as they wear the timepiece on their right or left wrist. As a watch owner, it’s also additional knowledge for the watch wearers to learn the few proper watch etiquettes for them to be aware of and a reminder as well. So, try to apply these guidelines to see the difference.