Watches for Men: Watch Function & Style

Watches for men – unlimited options

Watches for men are one thing that makes things around us more interesting. What is great about this era is that people nowadays are presented with close to unlimited options in products they can buy and use. A tool, equipment or accessory that may make use of are the different watches for men.

Watches for menChoosing the design, style, and model

Men’s watches are one of those products or commodities that through the years have continued to grow in number design, style, and model. Their market has grown to such extent that a way to choose better would be to be according to the way they are classified. Watches for men and women are grouped according to their function and style.

Watches for men – 9 classification

Watches for men - 9 classification

Watches for menDive watches

1. Dive –this type of watch is great for those who have a fondness for diving or any other activities or water sports. Men’s watches that require features that include water resistance and gauge of the wearer’s dept while wearing the piece will appreciate this type. 

Watches for menChronograph

2. Chronograph –it is a common misconception that a Chronograph is the same as a chronometer and vice versa when the truth is far from it. A Chronograph is another name for a stopwatch. On the other hand, the Chronometer would refer to an upgraded version of an automatic.

Watches for menMilitary

3. Military –the name basically gives a bird’s eye view of what this type is all about. It is one originally designed and built for men in service during the first and second world wars. 


4. GMT –a great choice frequent travelers, whether as a profession like pilots or for leisure. 

Dress watches

5. Dress –a kind that is a wonderful choice for those who need the right accessory for their evening formal clothes. Commonly designed to exude simplicity, elegance, and subtleness it blends well with a suit and is the perfect accessory for a cozy and marked evening out.

Aviator watches

6. Aviator – initially designed and made as a way to respond to a friends request. First released by Cartier for his friend who is a pilot during that time. 

Atomic Radio Controlled

7. Atomic Radio Controlled –it is said that the quartz is a very accurate timepiece; this does not, however, deny the truth that it has an accuracy slip of up to +-10 seconds per month, not bad but still problematic for many.


8. GPS –these type of watches for men is a perfect idea for people who feel the need to be able to monitor or track how far they have run, walk, jog and other like activities.  


9. Smartwatch– and finally we have the last,  but definitely not the least is this type. The smartwatch is said by many to be the future of watches for men or women.   This type gives truth to the claim that wristwatches for men and women are not just for giving the right time. 

Watches for men – Personal preference, lifestyle, and style

Watches for men - Personal preference, lifestyle, and style

Watches for men come in a variety of styles, compilations, and colors. When choosing the perfect Men’s watch for you, you have to consider your lifestyle, whether you would be exposed to water most of the time, or you do a lot of exercise or sports if you are a businessman, or just like to have a casual style. These factors are very important when choosing a watch, as you can imagine wearing a large sports watch with a suit would definitely not fit together. Or going swimming with your luxury dress watch.