Watches for Men: Reasons why you should invest in a vintage watch

Watches for Men: Reasons why you should invest in a vintage watch

The vintage market is growing there is no doubt about it, with the constant release of so many watch models, more and more wristwatches are being pushed to the vintage category. Many watch enthusiasts are slowly directly their attention away from the brand new models and are focusing on the vintage market. Choosing watches for men, especially when it comes to vintage one is a tricky business. Every detail from the movement to the dial, to the finish of the case and above all the origin, matters significantly in vintage men’s watches.

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If you believe you are one of the people who can handle the vintage watches for men in the market, here are a few helpful tips.

  • Identify your watch

Once you have decided that you want to purchase vintage watches for men, rather than a new watch, you will need to figure out exactly which watch you want. Research is the key, forums, and watches blogs are great tools to use when researching men’s watches because you can oftentimes find reviews of some of these vintage watches.

  • Research the seller

After you have found the dream wristwatch of your choice, you will have to find a reputable seller, dealer or website that is selling this watch.

  • Research the actual watch

After you have found a reputable dealer that has the vintage watch that you want, it is now time to conduct thorough research on the specific watchlisted.

Here are some of the most important things to consider in buying vintage watches for men:

  • Make sure that the vintage watches have all the original parts. If a watch has any replacements, it is not a deal-breaker but it will certainly affect the value of the vintage watches.
  • Research the serial number. The serial number can tell you everything you need to know about the vintage watches you are considering. You will get to know the most important parts of the watch such as the date, the movement, the dial, the mechanism and etc. Also, make sure the movement in the watch matches the movement that is associated with the serial number.
  • The condition of the watch

Vintage watches for men

have signs of wear that are appropriate with its age and that is okay. In fact, the patina, or fading of the dial usually adds to the vintage feel. However, make sure it actually signs of aging rather than poor quality.

  • If buying online ask for live pictures or look at the watch in person before deciding on putting your cash down.

It is always preferable to look at the watch you want in a person, you get the feel, you get to see the actual quality and you get to try it on, before buying it. If you are purchasing online you can ask for live pictures of the vintage watches. If it is a reputable seller, there shouldn’t be any problem in asking for these simple requirements as a buyer.

  • Agree on a price

Once you have compiled all the information you need, agree on a reasonable price with the dealer based on the information and condition of the watch.

  • Purchase

Once you have conducted all the detailed research, you are ready to purchase your vintage watches and rest assured that you are getting the best value for your wristwatch.

There are quite a few misconceptions of vintage watches for men, here are some few:

A vintage watch should not be purchased as an investment piece

You should not assume purchasing a vintage will increase its value over time. Vintage watches such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe are the most collected brands and each has several models that do in fact increase in value over time. However, these are the exceptions and one cannot expect that their vintage luxury watch will do the same.

There is a difference between appropriate aging and bad quality

Vintage watches for men

are old and should reflect signs of wear, which add the watch’s character. There will be spots of discoloration and patina. However, do not mistake bad quality with appropriate aging. If you are purchasing a vintage wristwatch from a high-end brand, then it will most likely be of the highest quality.

Why you should invest in vintage watches for men?

Well, besides the growing popularity of vintage watches for men on the market, vintage watches offer something that brands new watches cannot. They come with a story, tons of people could be running around with the exact same brand new watch on their wrist, however, owning a vintage watch, there is a really good chance that you may never meet anyone who has the same watch. In addition, it clearly tells a whole other story than brand new watches, it does represent history and experience; vintage watches are an essential part of any watch collectors collections.