Watches for men – Men’s watches in mid-range prices

Watches for men – learning about mid-range prices

If you read our blog post about exclusive watches for men, you might behave chocked on the prices you saw. Not to worry, if you are looking for watches for men, fortunately, we have come up with a simple guide to men’s watches in the mid-range price list. I am sure this is something you will be interested in, so keep reading.

There are many different watch brands at reasonable prices of quite fine and durable quality. At the same time, these watches also make a good reasonable price of quite fine and durable quality. At the same time, these watches also make a good Christmas gift, birthday gift, confirmation gift, student gift, etc. without overturning your budget completely.

Watches for men – make sure your choice of men’s watches will fit your personality

Watches for men - make sure your choice of men’s watches will fit your personality

As mentioned, there are many types of watches for men in the mid-price range, but the ones we have to deal with today are the ones shown in the picture above. This is simply because these men’s watches will fit well with every individual, and you will therefore never go wrong with one of these watches for men.

Watches for menyou can never go wrong with minimalistic and simple design wristwatch

The attentive reader may have noticed that the watches from Montara Watches and Daniel Wellington are similar in design. That is true, yet not. Both men’s watches come true enough with a replaceable 20mm wide genuine leather strap and they are both minimalistic in design. If you look closer at the watches, however, you will find that there is actually a big difference between them. The watch case on Daniel Wellington is slightly thicker 6mm than on the Montara Watches which is 5mm. In addition, the Montara Watch has a second hand and its crown is located in the lower right corner of the case, with

Watches for men Which one to choose?

That is a good question. Both watches for men are almost in the same price range, Daniel Wellington from $159 to $199 and Montara Watches from $127 to $150. Daniel Wellington has gradually become world-famous for its minimalist and classic watches and you can rarely move down the street without seeing a person wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. Montara Watches is still a relatively young and new watch brand which was founded in 2014, and therefore still has a long way to go. Although there are lots of people who already have discovered the Danish design watches from Montara and are loving it, Montara is hoping to get more attention with its finely designed watches for men and women.

So back to the question, which one to choose? If you want to keep up with what is trending in the watch market as for the topic of affordable watches with simple and minimalist designs, you should opt for Daniel Wellington. If, on the other hand, you are the type who loves to stand out and wants to support Danish design, I think without a doubt you have to choose a watch from Montara Watches. Although both watches from these 2 brands come with interchangeable straps, all Montara’s women’s and watches for men come with interchangeable straps, with such an easy way to do you can mix and match your outfit with your watch effortlessly.

Watches for men – Apple Watch

One of the most popular watches today is also Apple Watch, however slightly more expensive than Montara Watches and Daniel Wellington watches. Depending on which design and model you choose, you can get them starting from $399 to $499. This watch is more than just a simple watch, they have more advanced features like built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, comprehensive training app, alarm clock, reminder, and you can even receive call and SMS notifications on these smartwatches. In fact, it feels like having an iPhone on your wrist. The downside of these watches is that you have to recharge them frequently to be able to use them throughout the day.

Watches for men choose what you personally prefer

Though with all the choices you have when it comes to watches for men, it is still best to go with what you feel most comfortable with and also consider your lifestyle when choosing a watch, whether you will be using your watch for your outdoor activities, for business meeting, or simply just need a watch for your daily wear. This way when you consider these factors before buying a watch, you can narrow down your search to only the types of watches you need.