Watches for Men– Manual guide for vintage watch users

Watches for Men – Manual guide for vintage watch users

Knowing your wristwatch is important when it comes to investing your money on watches for men. Choosing the right wristwatch can be difficult, with so many styles and brands to choose from, the simple act of shopping for a new timepiece can get confusing and stressful. Here are a quick men’s watches guide for wearers which are greatly useful when purchasing your first watch.

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Getting to know your vintage watches for men

First, you need to get to know your vintage watches for men and the best way to explain the basics of a wristwatch is through watch anatomy.

Here is watch anatomy:

How does manual quartz watch work?

If your watch is powered by “quartz” or battery-powered movement, they will continue to operate until the battery is completely drained. Battery-powered wristwatches should not be left unused for extended periods of time. The wristwatch battery should be replaced or removed before they used or leak, which can cause serious damage to the watch movement. A battery generally lasts at least 2 years.

How does manual wind watch work?

If your wristwatch is powered by a manual-winding movement, then it is solely powered by winding the crown of the watch in a clockwise or forward direction until resistance is felt and the crown cannot be wound any further. Instruction will be detailed in the next section. A full wind is required before wearing and should last between24-36 hours. Most people generally wind their watch completely each morning before putting in on their wrist.

How does automatic / self – winding?

A wristwatch with an automatic or self-winding movement does not require winding, but can also wound manually if desired. These vintage watches for men possess a rotor or bumper mechanism that will move and automatically wind the watch as you wear it over the course of the day. If you are sufficiently active while wearing the watch throughout the day, the vintage watches for men should maintain a power reserve for 24-36 hours.

Manual to winding your Watches for Men

  • Manual- wind timepiece
  • Place the crown between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Turn the crown forward clockwise with a long stroke, the crown will spin in both directions, but it will only wind in one direction; clockwise.
  • To fully wind a watch requires 15 to 25 full 360-degrees turns.
  • Turn the crown clockwise until it stops abruptly and cannot be wound any further

If the men’s watches are worn daily, it should be wound, fully and completely until the crown comes to a stop, each day at the same time for peak performance. Although it is not necessary to wind the watch if you are not wearing the watch daily, these watches for men are “rugged” do not be afraid of over-winding.

Automatic, perpetual, self-winding Watches for Men

Automatic wristwatches have a small rotating weight inside the movement which spins around when you move your arm and winds the spring which runs the watch. If you wear an automatic watch every day for 6 to 10 hours and are reasonably active within that period of time, it will still be running when you put it on in the morning, the movement of your arm will build up an 8 to 10 hours winding reserve. If you do not wear it for a day or more, it will stop.

You can start your automatic wristwatch by winding it 5-8 complete turns manually before you put it on. Then set the time and wear it normally. An automatic wristwatch can be wound indefinitely with no damage to the wristwatch, however, 30 complete 360-degrees turn should give it a full wind and any further winding would be unnecessary.

Setting your vintage watches for men

Set the time by gently pulling out the crown and turning the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to set the hands. You can set the hands forward or backward. Some watches for men feature a patented screw-down crown, with these vintage watches you will first need to unscrew the crown, rotating it counterclockwise until it is removed from the tube threads. You will then be able to gently pull out the crown to the final notch and set the time.

Caring for your mechanical Watches for Men

  • Dropping or banging

Be careful when wearing your vintage watches for men not to drop or bang it, when new, many of these timepieces were designed to withstand a fall of no more than three feet on a raised wood surface. Now that these timepieces are much older, their parts may be rare, costly, or not readily available to replace. Though a watch may appear completely intact after a drop or band, damage may be much more extensive internally. Even a slight bang can cause serious damage if the impact occurs at the right angle.

  • Water or fluid damage

Do not expose your wristwatch to water or fluid if it is not proven to be water-resistant or waterproof, vintage watches for men especially were not equipped with gaskets to prevent exposure to moisture, worse than water is exposed to steam. If water enters the mechanism of your vintage wristwatch, pull out the crown as far as it can go, immediately place the watch in a re-sealable bag of rice and close the bag. Bring the watch in as soon as possible to watch service; any delay can cause further damage and corrosion.

  • Magnetism

In the modern world, there are many dangers to the optimal functioning of your mechanical vintage watches, however, quartz is immune to magnetism. Most frequently, magnetism is the cause behind a watch is running abnormally fast, slow or stopping altogether. Especially when it comes to vintage wristwatches, vintage watches were manufactured, when people lived in a world with fewer sources of magnetism and electricity – no laptops, mobile phones, metal detectors, or even purses with magnetic clasps. Many of these mechanical wristwatches were produced; the greatest electrical / magnetic source in day-to-day life was probably a television set. Magnetism is in most cases easily reversible and can be tested for with a common, simple compass. When passing a wristwatch very close over the standard compass, the directional compass indicator should remain completely still. A magnetized wristwatch will case the indicator on a compass to move or spin. Magnetism can be quickly removed using a “demagnetizer” which can be purchased online. However, a watch becomes so magnetized that magnetism can only be removed by disassembling the watch and demagnetizing individual components, which can cause a fortune.

Vintage Watches for Men

Vintage watches are an area that many people are attracted to. Often times it’s due to budgetary constraints, yet many watch collectors it’s simply a matter of the watch itself. Those who are interested in acquiring a quality timepiece at a fraction of a price, the vintage market may just be a place for you.

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