Watches for Men– How to match a Danish design watch to your outfit

Watches for Men– How to match a Danish design watch to your outfit

A watch can either build or break since men wear limited jewelry, a watch is an expression of their personality. The best wrist watch is simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic. These qualities of watches for men can be found with Danish Design Watches from Montara Watches, where the watch collection from Montara will definitely complement every outfit.

Fashion rule; Match your men’s watches with your outfit. Imagine a man wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie event, he has poise, style, and posture that grabs everyone’s attention, when he casually turns his wrist to check the time, a Casio calculator watch with a rubber strap. A total fashion fails, the style of watch you choose to wear to match the formality of your outfit says a lot more about you as a person and what you value.

Here is a quick guide on how to match your Danish design watches for men with your outfit

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Rule #1 Formality of your Danish design watches for men with the formality of your outfit

Are you wondering whether to choose digital or analog watch and which type of watch would fit best for casual or dress? Know the difference here:

  • Analog watches

Analog watches have a face with an hour and minute hand and either markers or numbers that display a 12-hour day. These watches are considered classic and formal, making them suitable for business, formal events or date.

  • Digital watches

Digital watches have LCD displays or LED face that shows time in numeric form. These watches are considered casual.

 Watch categories

The recent developments in wearable technology have allowed watchmakers to make nifty gadgets that are far advanced than simple timepieces. There is now a smartwatch where you can make calls, track your GPS, co-ordinate and check your calendar through smartwatch.

However, leaving the world of technology, there are 5 common categories of Danish design watches for men most people own.

  • Dress watches – a watch with a plain white face with no complications and a black leather band as formal as it gets. Danish Design watches for men offer dress watches for all occasions with a minimalistic design to fit every dress outfit you would choose.
  • Diver’s watch – Also referred to as diving watch, these watches are designed for underwater diving and feature a minimum water resistance up to 100 meters.
  • Chrono/ Sports watch – Sports watches are durable, sleek and made from high-quality plastic composites, which is not ideal for formal events. Sport watches have compasses, odometer, altimeter, GPS technology, pulse monitors, and a range of other functions for a person leading an active lifestyle.
  • Pilot or Flyer watches – these men’s watches feature a simple dial design and a rather large diameter ( over 50mm), these watches were made to be accurate and easy to read. Originally worn over the pilot’s jacket – they were made with a large crown that could be operated while wearing gloves.
  • Field watches – Field watches are versatile timepieces that are tough enough for active duty. The simple design improves the legibility of the numerals.

Levels of formality

Watches are made for specific purposes. Avoid common fashion mistake by matching your watch with the formality of the occasion.

Here are examples of levels of formality:

  • Black/white tie – for formal events, simplicity is the key. A simple dress watch in a classic style like they offer in Danish Design watches for men from Montara watches should feature n classic white or black leather band will mute any objections from conservative critics.
  • Business dress – for business go with a simple classic styled gold or silver watch with a thin dial with limited or no complications. Danish Design watches for men from Montara Watches are known to complement the business dress outfit very well.
  • Business casual – a light-colored suit with no necktie is best complemented with a high-end Chrono, a pilot or even a small field watch.
  • Casual – If a watch is with the metal band it is considered less formal, a metal band is usually suited for casual wear while a leather band is suitable for any occasion. For digital watches, it should be worn with a casual outfit or workout attire.
  • Sports – for activities that involve unpredictable physical movements, such as sports casual watches would be inappropriate, physical activities should be matched with a sports watch.

Rule #2 Leather complements the leather of Danish design watches for men

The material and color of your shoes is a suitable reference for the choice of the watchband. You should start by matching your belt and your shoes. A black watchband should be worn with a black belt and shoes, and brown watchband with a brown belt and shoes. Montara watches, Danish Design men’s watches have interchangeable bands, which makes it easier for you to match your watch with your belt and shoes.

Rule #3 Metal compliments metal of Danish design watches for men

The metal case of the watch should complement the metal accents of your other accessories. The case can be square, rectangular, round and polygonal. The finish of the case can be matte, shiny, patterned, or inlaid with crystals or other jewels. A rose gold watch from Danish Design watches from Montara watches are great accessories for gold accessories such as gold belt buckle.

Rule #4 Heirloom pieces represent the legacy of Danish design watches for men

Heirloom watches for men are usually worn as good luck charm or memory of the original owner. An heirloom watch is an item that cannot be subjected to any rules of matching watches with your outfit. For the simple reason – they are great conversation starters, heirloom watches allow you to bend or even break the rules mentioned here. An heirloom watch is not worn base on the latest trend and fashion, but it is a reminder of family history and culture.

Rule #5 When in doubt in choosing the right Danish design watches for men, always match it with your shoes

When in doubt always think of a match to your shoes, when choosing a timepiece design, it can be hard at a time when you want to change your wristwatch to match your outfit and end up buying a whole piece. Instead of doing so, take your time to choose a watch with the option of interchangeable bands, as for Danish Design watches from Montara watches all their watch collection both men and women’s come with interchangeable straps which makes it easier for you to change the straps in which outfit needed.

Danish design watches for men

So, this is the right time for you to choose Danish design watches for men because it’s crystal clear that these watches are a perfect match for your outfit. Better look for Danish watches in the market and see the difference upon matching them to your clothing. I’m sure you’ll be in love with yourself!

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