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Watches for menDress Watch

The idea of a dress watch might sound awfully highfalutin, but it shouldn’t necessarily bring white tie and tails to mind. If you are remotely into wristwatches, you will have one for every day and one for the best. A dress watch should be a simple watch for men and it should also be elegant, it is best worn with suit some description, so it should be small enough to fit comfortably undershirt or jacket cuff and ideally be unadorned by excessive decoration.

Here is the only dress watch you should look out for.

watches for men

The formal dress watches for men

Classic and uncomplicated, a simple dress watches for men is the most wearable of all wristwatch styles. Look for designs with minimal detailing on the dial and smooth, black leather that will pair back with your dress shoes and belt. Wear this style to work with a suit, as well as formal occasions.

The smart dress watches for men 

Slightly more casual than polished black, a brown leather dress watch is the accessory of choice for a lighter, neutral-based wardrobe; wear this style to smart-casual occasions.

Metal chronograph watch

A clear statement maker, stainless steel wristwatches will add a sharper edge to every look. Avoid styles with oversized markings and opt for fine detailing in the sub-dials instead. If you are concerned about fit, most styles allow you to add or remove links in the bracelet. Wear this style with everything from tailored business shirts to slim-fitting polos.

The sports watch

If your life is more action-packed, then a sports watches for men with a silicone rubber strap is the preferred design. They are lighter on the wrist and less likely to show wear and tear than leather and metal. Look for styles with analog dials for a more sophisticated finish. Wear this style everyday workwear and weekend looks.

Weekend casual watch

With casual men’s watches, the appeal is in the simplicity. Noticeably more relaxed than any of the other styles; a good off-duty watch typically has a flexible strap made of mesh nylon or canvas. Bonus points if you find designs that can be interchanged to suit your outfit for the day.

Styles and fit of a dress watches for men

  • Size – Size does matter, no one likes an oversized watch on a wrist, make sure your try your dress watch before you buy it and make sure it does not look awkward. Wristwatches should complement your outfit, so it is not advised to overstate it by wearing an over-sized watch.
  • Complications – complications are essential added features to your watch. Chronograph, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and tourbillon. Having complications on your men’s watches also means that it will require more movements.
  • Bracelets and straps – the bracelet of your wristwatch can dramatically change the feel of your outfit, metal bands can come across as slightly more casual compared to leather straps. There are plenty of aftermarket straps that are available.

Choose the right price for your dress watches for men

You can find great deals of watches for men depending on the year, condition and demand. If resell value is a consideration, stick to classic timepieces, mainly from brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. If you do get your hands on limited additional, it may even become a stylish investment.

Try to read these dress watch reviews then choose the best one for your wrist!

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