Watches for men – exclusive watches for men

Watches for men – Men’s watch of top quality

For lots of men, investing in a prestigious and exclusive watches for men of top quality is a big dream. A fine watch represents more than just advanced and detailed mechanics but is a reflection of one’s personality, life achievements, status in life, and as well as individual personal branding. Below we present some men’s watches that are leading examples of internationally recognized watch brands that have been popular both for their appearance and functionality.

In reality, it is probably the fewest people who can afford to throw so much money at one watch. Therefore, you should not cheat yourself for reading our guide to middle-class men’s and affordable men’s watches.

Watches for men – Rolex

Watches for men – Rolex

Rolex is a well-known watch brand and has long acted as a horological status symbol. They provide watches for men in many different variants, so there is plenty of opportunities to find something for everyone. Rolex is most likely one of the most recognizable and sought after watch brands in the world. However, prices for some may be a bit off their budget. Nevertheless, if you are willing to spend the money, you can get some great and advanced watches.

What is so special about Rolex is that their watches are designed for specific tasks and professions. Their Submariner is, for example, a diving watch, while their Daytona is a so-called racing chronograph- in other words, a watch that can also be used as an advanced stopwatch.

Price: From approx. 40.300, –


Watches for men  – Breitling

Watches for men  - Breitling

Breitling is a recognized and prestigious watch brand, that has for many years been a preferred choice among pilots. A watch from Breitling is perfect for anyone who has the attention to detail and accomplished quality and of course the necessary economy.

Breitling’s technical specialization and attention to detail have played a major role in the development of the chronograph for wristwatches. Their watches are not only beautiful and detailed – they are also produced under their own roof. Breitling is responsible for the development process as well as the production of their chronograph works.

Price: From approx. 20,000


Watches for men – OMEGA

Watches for men – OMEGA

OMEGA Watches has produced many iconic men’s watches over the years, including perhaps the world’s most famous chronograph known worldwide as ‘OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch’.

In fact, OMEGA Watches is the maker of the very first watch ever worn on the moon. And the classic Moonwatch remains a faithful companion to astronauts today.

OMEGA Watches has developed a reputation for creating some of the world’s most respected watches. It is a watch that carries a lot of history and has, besides a moon trip, also been sitting on James Bond’s wrist.

Price: From approx. 31.000, –


Men’s watches – the top 3 most exclusive watches for men

These above-mentioned watches for men are very expensive, however, there are still lots of men who look for these watches, and of course, you should have the right amount of budget to buy these watches. A good thing is that if you are opting for slightly used or what they call pre-owned luxury watches, you can acquire them easily online. However, do be cautious when purchasing watches for men online, as there are many who makes fake Rolex for instance, Rolex is the most copied watch in history, due to its major popularity, and everyone wants a piece of this luxury watch even if it’s a fake one.