Watches for men buying guide – choose a watch to match your outfit

Watches for men – Watch styles to match your outfit

Watches for men and matching the watch to your clothing can be both simple and complex at the same time. You can get hung up on refining outfit highlights while also forgetting to be practical. If you have recently invested in an expensive high-quality timepiece then you might even want to dress for the watch itself.

Watches for menget the right style every time

 The point is if you are wearing a jacket, then it makes no sense to pair that with an elegant and slim dress watch. To help you make the proper outfit and watch decisions, read along for the guide on how to match a watch for men to your outfit and get the style right every time.

Watches for men – Formal and business attires

Keep it simple when matching watches for men with a business or formal outfit. It is good to aim for understatement as a rule of thumb. Drawing attention to your watch in these situations is also generally not a good idea. For formal events like a black tie function, a simple dress watch is all you need. Gold and silver case, white dial and black leather strap without any extra bits will do the job. Formal events call for an elegant watch and there is nothing more elegant than an attractive timepiece that does only one thing, tell the time.

Watches for menBusiness attire

Watches for men- Business attire

For business attire it is much the same, a gold or silver case will work in most situations, particularly if you are wearing a black or navy suit. And as you have probably predicted, it is best to go for a leather strap here as well.

Watches for men – Casual outfit

Unfortunate it is not so simple to pair any watch with a casual outfit. Can you imagine a sports watch with a suit? Look out for whether your wristwatch has a metal strap, and if so, then it will generally be less a formal timepiece. So if you prefer a metal band, or if one of your watches already has one, then rather wear it at casual events, watches for men with leather strap is versatile enough to be worn with any level if casual outfit, which is why they are the default choice for a lot of men out there.

Watches for men – Sport watches

Although they are both larger than dress watches, the main difference between a casual dress and sports watches, like a chronograph, is that one is for casual events while the other is for sport. Switching metal for a leather strap on a casual watch can, for example, make it formal event ready. This is not the case with sports watches.

Watches for men – Matching watch straps with you other accessories

  • Leather watch band

A relatively easy way to match with a men’s watch that has a leather band is to pair it with leather. Matching leather of the same color also shouldn’t take much effort, for instance, if you are wearing black leather shoes match your belt color and watch strap to it. The same goes for brown leather watch strap to a brown leather belt and shoes. Remember the colors of leather should match each other. DO not try to match brown with black, however mixing shades of brown together will good.

  • Metal watch bracelets

If you have got a metal men’s watch, matching the metal of a watch case to your belt buckle, shoe buckle, ring, or cufflinks is a classic movie. You can mix metals as both gold and silver are neutrals, gold or rose gold watches match more earthen neutrals. Silver watches pair best with shades of grey, black and blue.

Watches for men – What to look out for

Watches for men – Matching is really a no-brainer, in practical terms; brown leather belt matches a brown leather band. Certain watches can switch between bands, from dark to brown for example, making them extremely practical when matching your belt or your shoes. Never try to mix different colors.