Watches for Men: Buyers Guide to Chronographs

Watches for men – different types of chronograph watches

Watches for men, especially those that are labeled as Swiss made are considered top notch in the industry. When we talk about timepieces, the possibilities are just endless. There are so many types and kinds to choose from. Year in and year out the horological world and its experts continue to come up with creations that will flutter the hear of any wristwatch aficionado. One such model is the chronograph.

Watches for MenWhat a chronograph is not. 

Many people think that chronograph watch is just another way of referring to chronometers. This is far from the truth. An easy way to understand a chronograph would be through the dictionary. According to Webster, “ it is a piece of equipment that measures and records periods of time.”. On the other hand, chronometer men’s watches are all about the accuracy and precision of movement.

Watches for men How are they different?

  • A chronograph watch is actually an additional complication or function, so to speak. It is basically an additional feature to the usual display of hours, minutes and seconds. This type of men’s watch is not so the concern about whether or not the timepiece is precise. 
  • In many ways, the nearest comparison for the chronograph is probably the navigation system or the heated seats of a car. This is because it is part of the choices list and is something that is added to make your car more practical to use as well as comfortable. However, it will not serve to make it perform better or be more efficient.  

Watches for men – understanding chronograph watches

Watches for men - understanding chronograph watches

Now that is clearer what the chronograph watches for men are not, then the next discussion is on what it actually is. To use the words of experts, a chronograph according to the COSC is,  “instruments equipped with a mechanism activated by push-pieces and enabling the measurement of a short period of time. Such an instrument is known as a chronograph or chronoscope” or in other words a stopwatch. 

Watches for men – Features for this Timepiece Include:

A chronograph is an equipment that has an independent sweep seconds hand that can easily be started, stopped, or returned to zero by simply applying successive pressure on the pushers (or whatever part/s that can actuate the chronograph mechanism on the piece). a lot of high-tech and modern men’s watches and even the ones for women are normally made up of indications that showcase elapsed minutes and hours, on top of the seconds. Historically, the phrase chronograph originated from the ancient Greek khronográphosword, which literally means “time recording”. 

Watches for menChronograph and Chronometer Watches for Men

The answer is not a straight yes or no, rather it is an, “it depends”. This is because according to the COSC, a chronograph timepiece by itself may not be certified as a chronometer since the work of the chronograph is to just measure short lengths of times on particular occasions or events. This type of character is at the present time not certified by any standard keeping body such as the COSC. They primarily act as a stopwatch and in reality, such functions may be availed even on things that are not necessarily a watch.

Watches for men – certified chronograph watches

On the other hand watches for men and even for women,   may possibly be equipped with chronograph watches as an additional feature. This being the case these timepieces may even include a chronometer which complies with the standards is therefore certified. In the given situation, the chronograph is can be considered an add on function.