Watches for men – a guide to water resistant watches

Watches for men – What are water resistant watches?

Watches for men and women often cost a small fortune. It is the only natural that their owners or would be purchasers to ensure that they get as much as their money’s worth. For this consideration, a lot of high-end timepieces sold in the market would often have water resistance or waterproof as an additional feature.

Watches for men – why water resistant is important

It is after all not a secret that water intrusion is one of the major if not greatest hazard luxury wristwatch owners face. Water is an ever-present threat to any men’s watch whatever the situation may be.  No timepiece is safe from the danger of water be it in a boardroom or even your office table. This is why prospective buyers have to take note of what features are included in the item they wish to purchase.

Watches for men – the difference between water resistant and waterproof

A lot of people seem to have an idea that these two terms are interchangeable. Well, I hate to disappoint but the two terms actually have their nuances to them. A difference that would be wise to know in order for the owner of either type of watches to maximize their use as well as increase their life span.

Watches for men – What is water proof?

Watches for men – The waterproof capacity of a wristwatch simply refers to the latter’s ability or capacity to withstand water drenching. It means that its case is designed in such a way that it effectively seals off moisture from entering the mechanism inside the piece. Good to remember though that when handling waterproof watches for men or women, the crown must securely be pushed down unless needed otherwise.

Watches for men – never set your watch while in the water

Normally, the crown on a watch is pulled up when there is a need to make adjustments with the setting and that is totally fine. The one who pulled it up needs to be mindful to push it back down firmly when done with the task, otherwise what he or she is providing is an entry point for water and other like liquids. 

Watches for menWhat is water resistant?

watches for men

Water is not the only enemy of watches there is also the pressure. The force coming from the water as a result of one’s experience when diving is also to reckon with. In cases of scuba diving and the likes what is needed is a water resistant feature. What the timepiece needs to be immune to is not just the effect of moisture, but also of pressure. The durability of the timepiece, when exposed to certain depths of a body of water, is then needed.

Watches for men – How to maintain your waterproof/water resistant watch

Maintenance and servicing

So let us assume that what you got is quality and top-notch water-resistant watches, does it then mean your work is done? The answer is a clear no. People living in places that experience changing should be aware of transitional seasons, like fall and spring. It is during these periods that one needs to find the availability to take your luxury men’s watches for its annual (yes annual) water resistance check-ups. 

Check your water resistant watch

We, of course, know that spring naturally follows summer times and it is during the warm and sunny summer season that all the pool parties locally and even out of town happen. So be better prepared but taking your watch to a shop to be serviced and tuned in preparation for the pools, beaches, hot tubs, and Jacuzzi’s you are likely to enjoy after the change in season. Be ready for the fun, but do not neglect your priced accessory as well. 

Watches for men – take note of the difference between waterproof and water resistant

Watches for men come in different varieties so does it water resistant levels, take note of these small details to avoid damaging your watch while you are out swimming. So take note of these differences and need. It pays to know which of the high-quality watches for men will be best for you. A purchase should be made taking into consideration the extent of the service it can provide, as well as the maintenance it requires.

Here are the list of waterproof watches for men, which is available online. You can check both the reviews and price comparison.