Men’s watches – top luxury watches for men

Men’s watches – the importance of a wristwatch

There is no doubt about the important role men’s watches have for their wearer. They not only provide the latter with the right time but they also in a lot of ways represent their wearer. No surprise then to see that a lot of very good brands and top watchmakers of the world continue to hone their abilities and never stop presenting the horological industry with their masterpieces. 

Men’s watches – choosing between mechanical and automatic

To talk about the top of the men’s watches would be to discuss mechanical or automatic pieces. These are the pieces that are run only by a mainspring and simple winding; that is all the power it needs to keep this type of work. One can only marvel at the engineering skills of those who put these pieces together and make them work. 

Men’s watches – here are top 5 luxury watches for men

Men’s watches #1

  1. Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Mechanical Watch
men's watches Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Mechanical Watch

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Men’s watches #2

2. Zodiac Olympos Automatic Watch

Mne's watches Zodiac Olympos Automatic Watch

The Zodiac Olympos timepiece is what many consider to be a more modern interpretation of Swiss watchmaker’s most popular timepieces from the past; one can say it is an “upgrade” rather than a “new model” in itself. It comes with a 37.5-millimeter stainless steel case and also with a comfortable and durable leather strap. Many love the latest Zodiac Olympos because it is shaped like a manta ray, which is very much like the original from days gone by. 

Men’s watches #3

3. Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Automatic Watch

men's watches Marathon Search & Rescue Diver's Automatic Watch

It will be quite a challenge to find a mechanical watch that can top this model in the badass department. Crafted with much skill and expertise it meets even with exact specifications of the government. This one serious men’s, men’s watch with its rugged and yet dependable in equal measure. It is durable, powerful and beautiful. This is a timepiece that is powered by a high-quality ETA movement which is an industry benchmark for precision and dependability. It is certainly hat one can expect from a “proper” tool wristwatch. The Marathon GSAR even has self-illuminating tritium gas tubes which is helpful in giving seamless nighttime visibility and legibility.

Men’s watches #4

4. IWC Big ​Pilot’s​ Watch

men's watches IWC Big ​Pilot's​ Watch

The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch is surely one of the most legendary aviation-inspired timepieces that one can purchase.  It comes with a large 46-millimeter case diameter that is complimented with a large crown, an easy-to-read dial with excellent lume, as well as an automatic movement with a heart-stopping 7-day power reserve to boot.

Men’s watches #5

5. TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT Watch

men's watches  TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT Watch

Last but not the least is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 model which can display the time in a duo time zones, which is just frequent travelers are looking for. The watch hosts the Swiss giant’s own Calibre 7 in-house movement that includes date complication; another inclusion is an elegant 41-millimeter stainless steel case with matching bracelet. 

Men’s watches – final tip when buying your first luxury watch

Men’s watches, especially luxury watches is a great investment or addition to your watch collection. A watch collection would not be complete without at least 1 or 2 luxury watch that you are proud of owning. When choosing your first men’s luxury watch, look for a design that can be called iconic without the hyperbole, a classic movement, and a recognizable brand name, it ticks all the boxes for a first luxury watch.