Watch straps buying guide – how to choose the right strap

Watch straps – things to consider

When you are looking for the most suitable watch strap for yourself, you need to consider some essential factors. Comfort, cost, and style are some of the most important factors. Although watch bands come in different variety of styles, colours and materials, few are able to fit into a specific watch case.

Watch straps – understanding watch straps

You need to understand how the watch straps you choose can connect to your watch, as well as the strap length that you require. You will also need to examine a few factors while deciding the best band for yourself. There are four types of watch bands:

Watch straps – Synthetic materials

You can find watch straps in synthetic, metal, leather, and various other materials. When it comes to synthetic materials, nylon, and denim or silk are the ones to choose from. Bands made of textile are water-resistant and are made in a single piece. These come with either a buckle or a book and loop fastener. Some of the synthetic substance do not last as long as others, but are generally quite flexible and can be used more comfortably. They also come in varied patterns, colours and styles.

Watch straps – Metal materials

These are more durable. Watch straps made of stainless steel are available in varied forms, including folded and solid watch straps. The former is made of folded metal – in order to make up the bank-links – while the latter have their links formed with solid stainless steel. These watch straps also have varied types of finishes which get well with watches of dual, gold or black tone. Titanium, gold and aluminium are some other metals used for making bands.

Watch straps – Leather materials

It is another long-lasting material. It is also advantageous to choose due to its versatility, as it can make you appear sporty, casual or dressy. Leather can match any kind of watch case. Leather can also be made smooth or dyed in varied colours. These can also include varied designs or stitches in contrasting colours.

Watch straps – Exotic materials

Watch bands made of exotic materials such as the skin of shark, stingray, ostrich, snake, camel or alligator, can make you appear stylish. Such skin types can be dried in varied colours, such as green, blue or pink, or even left in their original hue. These can also be created out of sheep, frog or chicken leg-skin.

Watch straps – How to choose the right watch band for your lifestyle

Watch straps - How to choose the right watch band for your lifestyle

Watch straps – For sporty/Diver people

For people using their watch for outdoor activities, rubber, silicone and Polyurethane bands are the best choice.  It is very comfortable on the wrist, lightweight and can be cleaned easily. All the properties that make the band are a very good fit for sports use, especially sports with some contact with water.

Watch straps for formal events or businessmen

Nothing beats the leather strap when it comes to black tie, formal and business events. A nice tux can only be complemented by an equally nice watch with a leather strap on it. Leather straps, either black or brown in colour, look sophisticated and immaculate.

While metal bracelets can also for these formal events, leather straps are the most popular due to its simplicity and minimalist design, that won’t catch too much attention from the formal attire, but enough to compliment the formal wear.

Watch straps for everyday use

For everyday use, metal bracelets are the most common bands to use. Metal bracelets are a common choice of many people for everyday use as it is easy to wear; there are also choices of metal bracelets clasps such as butterfly clasps, flip clasp, security clasp, buckle, large buckle, metal band clasp.

Watch straps – consider interchangeable straps

If you plan to change watch straps regularly, it’s worth investing in a nice spring bar tool and keeping some spare spring bars around for when you inevitably lose one in the carpet. Remember to have fun and don’t overthink your strap choices!