Watch straps – buying guide and review on different watch straps

Watch straps- things you need to consider when buying a watch strap

Watch straps are overlooked by many when considering a watch, the watch band or straps are perhaps the most visible component of a wristwatch and one can truly turn a timepiece into an interesting form of jewellery. Here are a buying guide and things you need to know before you settle for a watch band.

Watch straps – Types of watch straps

Watch straps - Types of watch straps

Watch straps type #1 – What is Brass?

  • Brass – Brass is often used as a base metal for watch bands. Base metals, which can mean any non-precious metal, can be finished with plating that gives the band the look and feel of gold, silver or even black. Both cost-effective and fashionable.

Watch straps type #2 – what is ceramic?

  • Ceramic – Ceramic watch straps are popular for many reasons. Ceramic carbide is a manmade product – not the ceramic usually found in stoneware or pottery. Industrial ceramic carbide is extremely durable and nearly impossible to scratch and can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours.

Watch straps type #3 – what is gold strap?

  • Gold – Gold watch straps are higher ends watches feature a bracelet fashioned of 10K, 14K, or even 18K gold. When buying a gold watch, look for a stamp with a karat mark, the manufacturer’s registered trademark and the country of origin on the inside of the clasp.

Watch straps type #4 – leather

  • Leather – The classic leather watch bands are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Leather bands are always a popular option because they are very simple, comfortable, and stylish

Watch straps type #5 – What is military strap?

  • Military – Crafted from a variety of materials, military watch bands can offer both a casual and sophisticated look.

Watch straps type #6 – What is resin?

  • Resin – tough, durable and available in many colours, resin watch bands are stylish and sporty look. Resin is a high-impact plastic that can be used as an inset or accent on each bracelet link or to create the complete watch band. Resin is easy to care for, usually requiring only a wipe down with a soft cloth.

Watch straps type #7 – Rubber

  • Rubber – Soft yet surprisingly durable rubber watch bands are a great option for the person on the go. Typically Rubber watch straps for sports watches or for children’s watches, rubber watch bands can be manufactured in a variety of colours and textures.

Watch strap #8 – What is stainless steel

  • Stainless Steel – Considered durable and long-lasting, stainless steel watch bands are popular for both men and women. Easy to wear and take off, they offer flexibility by matching formal and informal attires, much like other forms of jewellery.

Watch straps type #9 – What is titanium

  • Titanium – is commonly used these days as watch bands or bracelets for sports watches. Titanium is light and durable; these bands are an obvious choice for many divers’ watches.

Watch straps type #10 – What is the exotic strap?

  • Exotics – Exotic watchbands can be crafted from materials like alligator, pigskin, shark or sheepskin. Offering an interesting look and story, exotic watch bands can be often elevating a fairly ordinary watch into an appealing jewellery piece that adds smart style to any wardrobe.

Watches straps – Choosing the right watch band for your wristwatch

Here is some easy fool pairing to kick start your watch strap search:

  • Dive watches

Metal bracelets are traditional, waterproof, and are very versatile from a style standpoint. Nylon NATO straps are waterproof, add a layer of safety if a spring bar breaks, and Nylon NATO watch straps come in a variety of colours.

  • Chronographs

Typically water resistance matters less with chronographs, so leather straps are a good starting point. Consider the complexity of the dial when picking out your watch strap. The busier the dial, the simpler you’ll want the strap to be as far as the texture, colour variance, and stitching. When pairing chronographs with nylon, you may want to stick to solid colours or just one accent of colour that matches the watch dial.

  • Field & Pilot watches

Canvas and nylon straps match the utility of the watch as well as the more casual style, but the leather straps can work equally well here if water resistance is some room to go little wilder on the strap.

  • Dress and Minimalist watches

Exotic skins such as alligator, crocodile, snake, lizard, etc. and smooth, clean leather straps are traditional in this realm. However, if you wear a dress/minimal watch in a casual environment, the strap can be the perfect way to add some flair. Dress watches become highly versatile when dressing down a little with a more casual leather strap, or a nylon strap.

Watch straps – consider the color of your dial when choosing a watch strap

Watch straps should be considered by your watch dial, the colors as well as the dials. It is widely accepted that a brown-strap works fine with black watch dial. However, it is best to keep some contrast. Black dials tend to look great with light to medium brown, and silver/white dial tends to look best with medium to dark brown.