Watch straps review – how to choose the right watch straps

Watch straps – kinds of watch straps

It is a given the when one discusses men’s watch,   the strap, band or bracelet topics will not be far behind. To be able to identify the fitting type appropriate for your wristwatch. Knowing the varying kinds of straps available in the market is quite helpful. It would be a pity if you find yourself in a situation where your favorite watch can no longer be worn after the straps broke because its manufacturer already stopped making the straps for it.  This is also the usual thing that happens for straps that either have sculpted fittings or are connected with screws rather than with spring bars. 

Watch straps – common classifications of watch straps

Watch straps - common classifications of watch straps

Watch straps guide #1

1. Many watches for men make use of spring bars, which are basically clipped onto the shoulders of the watch case to connect the strap. When spring bars are utilized, straight-ended straps can be fitted easily for as long as it has the right width, which will allow it to fit on the “shoulders” of the timepiece. Fittings can be chosen according to its material, color or style. How you go about this type will mainly depend on the wearer’s comfort and preference.

Watch straps guide #2

2. There is also the straight-ended straps, which are fitted with fixed bars. For these types of straps, some of them are styled in a way that they cannot anymore be removed from their watch cases. In this type of structure, it will have open-ended straps, which will fold over the fixed bar. What the wearer need to take note here is the measurement of the distance between the shoulders of the watches for men.

Watch straps guide #3

3. The third type is the straight-ended straps. This one contains fitted screws. It is the kind where the watch strap is attached to the wristwatch case using screws to hold it together. 

Watch straps guide #4

4. Next, we have the stepped end straps, fitted with spring bars.
It may be noticed that some watches for men have a narrower fitting width than the overall width of the regular watch strap. In cases like this, the straps will step out after the fitting. In this case, it is important to match both the fitting width and the overall shoulder width required. This is to ensure that the strap fits correctly to the watch case. 

Watch straps guide #5

5. Finally, we have the sculptured straps, fitted with spring bars or screw sets. It may be the last type but definitely not the least. This group is those which have shaped or sculpted ends that are specific to the watch for men they were designed for.

Watch straps – things to consider before buying watch straps for men

These groups can only be replaced by the original straps from the watch manufacturer themselves (exclusively). Meaning they were designed particularly for the watch type of a brand, like a case with many Casio straps, and others like branded straps for both men and women. 

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