Leather Watch Straps buying guide and maintenance tips

Leather Watch Straps – classic and classy look

A watch is an accessory which is both functional and fashionable. One of the commonly seen are leather straps. Somehow because they go with any type of outfit, regardless if they are casual or formal. Taking care of leather watch straps not only requires them to look their best. Nevertheless, to make sure they can still live more years looking fine. Dirt and sweat can cause a leather strap to become dull while the pores take in dirt and odor. This gives the user a big obligation to clean the strap at times. In cleaning a leather strap, the user has to know many things—from simple wipes to thorough cleaning. Here are a few things to teach you on ways of maintaining the appearance of your leather strap:

leather watch straps guide

Leather Watch StrapsDaily Watchstrap Care

An everyday cleaning session makes it easier for you to maintain your leather wristwatch. Wearing leather watch straps on a daily basis can surely expose it to dirt and oil that causes them to develop an odor and begin to dull. Also, keeping it away from moisture or water can help avoid odor. Caring for it daily can ensure it to last longer than you thought.

Leather Watch StrapsWeekly Watchstrap Care

Cleaning on a weekly basis can help people go longer between cleanings while maintaining the strap. Every week, the owner must use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire surface. Pay attention to the spots with dirt—rub it gently until it disappears. Owners should make sure that they give it ample time to air dry before wearing it again. When choosing a cloth to clean the watch strap, the owner should select a or other soft cloth that does not scratch or damage the surface of the leather of men’s watches.

Leather Watch StrapsThorough Watchstrap Cleaning

When cleaning the strap, you should detach the strap from the case to avoid damaging the mechanical parts of the watch. Start by thoroughly wiping the watch down with a damp cloth, and then place a small dab of moisturizing hand soap on the cloth. Scrub both sides of the watchstrap carefully. Instead of hand soap, people can also use to restore the luster and shine to the leather. It is gentler on the leather than hand soap.

Leather Watch StrapsRemoving Odor

If the leather watch straps have dirty stains and odors, watch owners can remove them by a simple homemade compound. Baking soda is one of the common go-to when cleaning all sorts of things. It can also remove odors effectively without damaging the leather of women’s watches. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda into one tablespoon of water. Rub the paste on both sides of the strap and let it stay for an hour. To remove it, wipe the strap with a damp cloth. Remember to let it dry before attaching it back to the watch case.

Leather Watch StrapsConditioning Leather watchstraps

Over time, leather might crack when it is not maintained properly. Conditioning the leather watch straps can keep it soft and prevent cracks. Following the instructions on the leather conditioner package would most probably give you the best results. Unfinished leather requires oil to maintain its delicate texture. Leather oil is the most effective choice, but olive oil works too.

Leather Watch Straps – make cleaning a habit

Are you ready to clean your leather watch straps now? Well, you better start it now if you don’t want to smell it awful because of perspiration due to the hot season. Cleaning your leather watch straps regularly can help it last longer in your wrist. You can save money since you don’t need to replace it when it cracks.

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