Watch Straps: Types of Materials Used

Which watch straps are best for your watch?

You loved that watch but discovered that the strap broke or got chipped. Here are the different types of watch straps that you can choose from. Men or women’s watches will never be complete without their corresponding strap, bracelet or band.

watch straps

1.   NATO Watch Straps

This type of watch strap is best for when you are out for a more relaxed mood for the day’s work or activities. NATO straps were originally utilized for our men in uniform, who found the use of a watch essential in their line of work and at the same time needed it to be convenient, lightweight and comfortable on their wrist.  It is commonly made with either nylon or leather.

Advantages: lightweight, not expensive, comfortable, easy to use, do not store sweat and easy to clean

2.  ZULU Watch Straps

This type of men or women’s watch strap is in a way similar to NATO in feature and use. The difference though is that they are thicker than NATO straps in terms of the material used and that they come in 2 possible other options: (1)  3-ring ZULU straps  which comes in a single long strap accompanied by 3 rounded buckles and (2) 5-ring ZULU straps 

3.  LEATHER Watch Straps

This is one of the more versatile materials to use on a strap or a bracelet for men’s and women’s watches.   It is comfortable, chic and gives a  classic or vintage look to any wearer and his/her outfit for the day. Wonderful to accompany any type of clothing from casual to formal wear. 


This type of material is one of the favorites use for different types of watches. Metal is easy and convenient to use. The common material that can be used for both the men’s watch case as well as the strap. Also, metals for wristwatches can come in many forms and types. There is the aluminum, stainless steel silver, gold, titanium, and even platinum. 

5. FABRIC Watch Straps

This kind of watch straps has been around from the birth of wristwatches. In the past there were only pocket watches, then there were those used by soldiers during the war. It was at that time that some soldiers saw how inconvenient. Also, it was to have to get their watches from their pockets. This is how they decide to strap their timepieces on fabrics and tie them to their wrist. An idea they carried with them even as they went back to their families; which watchmakers promptly developed in the bracelets, straps, and bands that we now know.  Almost any sturdy type of fabric can be used for a strap or band. They bring color and comfort to their wearer, not to mention that they are also very easy to clean/ wash.

6.  ELASTOMERS Watch Straps

This type of material for a bracelet usually comes in various forms. It can be in rubber, silicone, and also polyurethane. Elastomers make ideal materials for sports watches, especially those that involve water activities. Additionally, these materials are waterproof, elastic and not as expensive as metals or leathers. A good choice for you divers’ and other outdoors timepieces.

Watch Straps

People are also particular in their watch straps as it adds beauty to their timepiece. With the help of these guidelines, watch wearers know which watch strap is best for their watch. Perhaps watch collectors possibly purchase all of these kinds of the strap. So, better grab one and wear it confidently!