Watch Straps – Regular care for your new leather watch strap

Watch Straps – Regular care for your new leather watch strap

Characterized by its timeless style, the hand-crafted leather watch straps are your choice accessory to add a touch of elegance. It is ideal for any occasion, case and a genuine daily companion that is carefully chosen to complement the wardrobe. This is why you’ll want to always wear it for as long as you can. For you to do this, we often advise you take some precautions when you use your strap.

Regular cleaning for your leather watch straps are the best practice to preserve your leather watch strap. More than other products a leather watch strap is constantly in contact with your skin and it could pick up dust, sweat, and dirt easily. Cleaning should be done no less than 6 times a year but if you are used to wear your leather watch bands every day, it could be a good idea to repeat such an operation once a month.

Why watch straps care are so important?

Watch straps are taken an absolute beating and often unnoticed. This is a strip of material with an average thickness of 2mm and an average width of 18mm. It is wrapped around your wrist every day, it will absorb oil and sweat from your skin for the 14+ hours, it gets wet each time you wash your hands, be exposed to sun, wind, rain, hail or snow, not to mention fumes or detritus, while perhaps picking up some food or coffee strains during the day.

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How to clean your leather watch straps?

Following these steps below will make sure that your watch leather strap will last or years.

  • #1 – remove the strap from your watch using the forked end of the tool provided upon purchase, then remove the small spring bars from the straps ( these are two pins that attach strap to watch). Keep them sage, you do not want to lose these small metal pieces.
  • #2 A simple neutral soap and warm moist cloth can do wonders. Work in small circular motions focusing on the top side of the strap then turning your attention to any obvious stains. Most leather straps are naturally veg tanned, so you don’t want to use a very wet cloth or produce too much of a soap lather. Avoid getting the glued seams around the pin holes wet. The rough side of the strap hat touches your wrist has a textured quality that means it hides a lot of marks, so ideally you would leave this side alone As with any naturally porous material, strong strain will be hard to remove.
  • #3 Use leather cleaner or leather conditioner. Just don’t go overboard with the leather cleaner or conditioner. Use Keralux leather range which can be particularly good for water based stains. Some of the more advanced products also contain substances that can give a layer of protection against further stains and UV damage in the future.

A good habit to take in with leather watch straps

  • Air it out

Sometimes your band just needs a little time to breathe. Often time just letting the band sit out by an open window or a fan for a few hours is all you need. We recommend not sleeping or working out in leather watch straps and watch bands either, so a good daily habit would be to allow your band to air out on a nightstand or dresser overnight.

  • The ultimate cleaning weapon

Another option is to try the ultimate cleaning weapon, which is water. Never allow direct water to contact to your leather band, but rather wipe with a lightly damp cloth. We have seen many people say they wipe their band with a cloth wet with Lyson, but this is something we definitely do not recommend. If you find a damp cloth is just not doing the trick, add a small amount of mild hand soap or baking soda with water and wipe the underside of the band. You can also wipe your band with an equal solution of distilled white vinegar and water in a damp rag but always do a test patch before applying everywhere. This is recommended to be done on a weekly basis.

  • Conditioning your leather is a great habit

While leather watch straps come with a light protective seal, like most leather bands are not waxed to be completely waterproof or sweat-proof. Water itself will not wipe away the protective coating, but it is good to touch-up the band over the years, especially if you live in unusually warm temperatures or very cold temperatures. However, it is always wise to do your research before applying anything to your strap bands. Remove any oil or lotion with a lint-free cloth. It is not recommended to use leather lotions or conditioners that are typically used for furniture, as keeping it in contact with your skin may cause irritation shortly after exposing your skin to it.

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Cleaning will be easy if you follow these guidelines. If we clean the watch strap properly, it will stay longer in our wrist. It’s your belongings which means your responsibility for taking care of it. Better check on these genuine leather watch straps.