Watch Straps: Know the Best Partner for your Watch

Watch Straps – is a bracelet that straps a wristwatch onto the wrist

Many just love a good pair of leather watch straps for their watch. It is just something comforting and comfortable about them. They may have a downside brought on by sweating and aging, still, they remain a favorite among men and women watch aficionados.

What many are probably not aware of is that there are several types of leather straps to choose from. Several people thought that anything that is neither made from rubber or steel is simply labeled as leather. It is important to have some knowledge about the watch band or strap since they partner and complement your priced men and women’s watch. Notice that most types of leather are popularized due to the watch model they originally created for.

Leather Watch Straps for All Styles:

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Leather Watch Straps – 1. Hodinkee Camouflage Suede

Rolex is one of the top producers of luxury men’s watches, it is then no wonder that a company would be devoted to making just the right alternative for their bracelet. This exactly what Michael DiMartini did when he established the Everest Horology Products. It was with the latter end in mind that Michael and his business partner David came up with an Italian vegetable-tanned calf leather strap with hypoallergenic lining features.

Leather Watch Straps – 2. Hodinkee Textured Hunter

This is a well-known name in men and women’s watch straps. From the time the company launched this strap, it already became an instant hit. It is characterized by leather with the flesh side rub to make a velvety nap. Beautiful and comfortable.

Leather Watch Straps – 3. Worn and Wounded Model 2

For those who love leather, but would like it to have more details then this is the band for you. This variety uses a tapering style made of Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned-lining together with Horween top leather.

Leather Watch Straps – 4. Crown & Buckle Black Label Ulrich

Relatively new in the men and women’s watch industry. This brand made its debut in 2010. Established by Thomas Lathrop. This model “Black Label” higher prices for being made from the best materials. What makes the Ulrich even more special is that it gets better over time or as it ages.

Leather Watch Straps – 5. Crown & Buckle American Made Walnut Boxcalf

This piece belongs to a collection that includes 5 two-piece straps and 12 one-piece straps. The “Boxcalf” style is different from the others as it is a two-layer strap with an underside as well as a topside made from matching Boxcalf. It gives the ideal effect of a gentleman’s watch.

Leather Watch Straps – 6. Bas &Lokes Camden Medium Brown Suede

A company that is based in Sydney, known all around for their customized detailed straps. The Camden is a beautiful light oil tan suede band which includes a hand-made light brown edge as well as waxed tan English linen thread at the corners.

Leather Watch Straps – 7. Molequin Sand Nubuck Calf with Classic Stitch

This one is from a company in Brussels. Another newbie in the business, established in 2016. This model is recognizable because of its customized quick-release spring bars and top quality buckle.

Leather Watch Straps – an additional adornment for your watch

These leather straps are beautifully designed to be able to wear it with fashion as you can collect them if you want. Numerous watch collectors also include the watch straps in their collection to match it with their outfit. As you can see, some individuals are very particular in their physical appearance. They want to look perfect from their clothing to the accessories. If you want to see more of leather straps, go to Amazon. For sure, you’ll find the right watch strap for your timepiece.