Watch Straps – How to Clean your Leather watch strap in Summer

Watch Straps – suitable watch straps in the Summer season

Summer is everyone’s favorite season of the year. People go to white sand beaches doing sunbathing, swimming, diving and other water activities. To complete the summer, they prepared their swimsuits and accessories too like summer watches. Nevertheless, you should know which watch strap to use this hot season.

Which watch strap is good for the summer season?

Leather watches can match all types of get-up whether it will be dressy or casual. Taking care of leather watch straps will keep them look their best and ensure that they last for long years. The reason behind the strap looks dull, it’s because of dirt, sweat, and oil. Also, the pores in the leather trap the odors and dirt which means it needs cleaning and maintenance. Also, watch owners should learn the daily care, weekly care and complete cleaning of the leather watch bands. However, when you wear leather watch straps during the summer season then expect that it will be smelly because of sweat.

Here is some guidance for you to stop the leather watch straps of men’s watches from smelling.

watch straps
  1. Don’t wear the leather watch strap every day because it exposes to dirt and oils. It dulls the surface that will cause them to have bad odors.
  2. Allow the leather watchband to breathe, remove it while you are bathing and sleeping.
  3. Protect the leather watch bands from water and moisture as much as possible.
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the whole surface.
  5. Scrub away some spots with dirt in your leather watch straps.
  6. Give sufficient time to air dry before wearing it again.
  7. Select a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth that will not damage nor scratch the surface of your leather watch straps.
  8. Separate the leather watch straps from the watches for complete cleaning.
  9. Place a small dab of moisturizing hand soap on the soft cloth then scrub both sides of your leather watch strap.
  10. Watch owners can also use saddle soap to restore the shine and gleam of the leather.
  11. Use a clean damp cloth because it can remove the excess soap from the surface.
  12. Try using a baking soda if the leather strap has stubborn odors and stains. It can help remove odors effectively without damaging the leather.

Worry no more when you choose to have leather straps for your watch because you’re sure that it’s in good hands with you. Now, you have the knowledge on how to clean and maintain them as well. Put it in your mind that it’s your belongings wherein you have the responsibility to take care of them. If you want to make your summer watches men last long then follow these guides. Surely, you will enjoy wearing your watch with leather strap even in the summer season. So also, better read some summer watch guide for additional knowledge to relish wearing summer watches for men.

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