Watch straps buying guide – how to choose the right strap

Watch straps – learning the basics

At this generation, the world offers an increasing variety of watches for men and women to choose from. It’s not an easy decision, although some researching might help guide you. When buying a watch, there are many factors to consider. One of the necessary factors to consider is the strap size. A fit watch strap would be very convenient and comfortable, therefore, we prepared some steps on how to determine your correct watch straps size.

watch straps guidelines

Watch StrapsStep 1: Determine your lug width

  • Use a metric ruler or digital caliper to measure the distance between the inside of the lugs of the watch face in millimeters (mm).
  • Check the backside of your current watch strap to see if it has a number size imprint shown in millimeters.

Watch StrapsStep 2: Determine watch strap size for your wrist

  • Measure your wrist with a soft tape measure by wrapping it around your wrist at the exact area you wear your watch.
  • Measure your wrist with a piece of thread by wrapping it around your wrist where you wear your watch. Lay the thread out and measure the distance from the starting point to your mark on the thread. Next, click on the “wrist size/strap length” drop-down box on any watch strap page and choose the size that matches your wrist measurement.
  • Another easy option is if you have a leather strap watches for women that fit you well, measure the long strap and short strap length-wise separately with a ruler in millimeters. Don’t include the buckle when measuring the short strap. Note, if for example, you measured the long strap and it was 120mm and your short strap is 70mm, you’d match that to our size chart and see your wrist size is 120/70. If your size doesn’t exist in our strap length size chart, email us first and we’ll help you out.

Watch StrapsStep 3: Switching up your new strap

First, hold the women’s watches with one hand for support with the backside facing you. With your other hand, hold the spring bar tool and insert its fork gently between your strap and watch lug.

Then, feel for the ridge on the spring bar. Using gentle pressure, grip onto the ridge and compress the spring bar by pulling inwards toward the strap and away from the lug.

As you start to compress the spring bar with the tool, apply gentle measured pressure on the strap from behind with a finger and slowly pull the spring bar away from the hole with the tool. Do this with controlled pressure as you don’t want the spring bar to shoot across the room.

Watch straps – before purchasing consider to try it out first

Lastly, Repeat with the other watch straps and you’re all done! Slide the spring bars out of your old strap and keep them so you can re-use them with your new strap.

Before purchasing a new watch, make sure the watch straps fit you well. In that way, you will feel comfortable with a watch that is just the right proportion for your wrist. Ensure that you have chosen the right watch strap size for your watch.