Watch straps – buying guide and review on watch straps

Watch straps – Learning about different watch straps

Watch straps are the ones that take up most of your wrist and get the most attention. It is why it is one of the most important factors when you are choosing a new wristwatch. There are many types of watch straps on the market, you will find straps made of different materials, different colors, ones with better durability than others. So, this is why we must go over the most basics about watch straps before you decide to purchase a new watch for yourself or a loved one. You will also learn in this article how you can mix and match your watch straps to your outfit, to fit any type of occasion.

Watch straps – Picking out a watch strap

And picking out a watch strap for certain occasions can be challenging when you are unsure of the different varieties out there since there are thousands of styles, colors, and material to choose from. Choosing the right watch strap can be overwhelming. In this article, we will discuss the different types of wristwatch bands, their advantages and disadvantages, and as well as the right occasion to wear them.

Watch straps – choosing your outfit well

As much as there is a certain outfit for different occasions, such as outdoor activities, formal parties, dinner parties, business meetings, and so on. So is there for wristwatch straps? It might not be easy or it can directly be overwhelming how to memorize these different ground rules when it comes to choosing the perfect wristwatch strap for certain occasions.

Watch straps– strap with purpose

However, always keep in mind the different straps have their own purpose such as rubber straps are supposedly for outdoor activities, because they can handle sweat, water, oil, and other harsh environment and any physical activities, on the other hand, leather watch straps are not water-resistant and can get scratched when using during physical activities. Keep in mind that you should at least have 3 watches to choose from in your wardrobe.

Watch straps – 3 types of watches you must own

  • Sports watch/Aviator watch

Both these types’ watches can handle every hard activity that you will encounter during your time outdoors. The straps on these wristwatches are made durable to endure any physical activities.

  • Dress watch

Dress watches usually come with leather straps; in the colour, you prefer the main colors are (brown, black, and grey). Although there are different types of leather wristwatch band to choose from, always go for the authentic or genuine leather, even though the price may be a little higher than for example pigment leather straps, but the investment is worth it. So to say, leather straps can last a very long time, and even look even classier over time, if well taken care of.

  • Bracelet watch

 Bracelet watches are great for casual or everyday wear. Bracelet watches come in different types of metal, stainless steel, are relatively inexpensive, they are great for everyday wear as they do not get scratched easily. To clarify bracelet watches that are lightweight, however, mostly heavy to wear, they can easily be cleaned, and they are also great for dress watches.

Choosing the right watch for the occasion

Black tie events

A good dress watch must not at all be flashy. It will have a plain white face, small in diameter and preferably no complications. A thin black or brown leather strap is all that is needed and the most formal of dress watches are the ones that only show hours, minutes, seconds and maybe the date. A Montara Nordic black watch would be a perfect fit. Dress watches should be sleek, simple, and sophisticated, the dress watch with a plain white face, no complications, and a thin black leather strap is as formal as it gets.

Watch straps- Business formal attire

Watch straps- Business formal attire

Wearing the correct wristwatch with your business attire can make all the difference in your work. It shows effort and thought has been put into your look and hence caring about presentation. Looking the part will help you exude confidence and style to those who look up to you and those who you need to win their respect.

Watch straps- Business

A business watch should be a lot more practical and mechanical than your dress watch. It can include complications but it should still look formal and not overbearing. Pilot’s watches and filed watches are perfect for the formal attire but if you are using a diver’s watch, they do change the rubber strap to a dark leather watch bands. Watches are made for specific professional use too and can look severely out of place when not adapted to a certain style. The Rolex Submariner range, Omega Speedmaster and Montara Nordic Black are great examples of a practical timepiece that display a sense of professionalism.

Watch straps – Casual style

Watch straps - Casual style
Casual Style – watches that have a metal band with slightly larger faces

Casual styles are really personal if you stick to a few rules, your look can be optimized. In other words, watches that have a metal band with slightly larger faces, making them easier to read and appear less formal. So, in other words, metal bands are more versatile than leather watch bands and therefore can be applied to a majority of styles. However, unlike formal watches, you can begin to look for preferences in colors and boldness in design. Make sure though that your colors compliment your outfit and don’t distract.

Watch straps – Street fashion

Watch straps - Street fashion
Street fashion – Here is where you can have some fun

The watch is a major player to street fashion, and more so vital than a mere accessory. Here is where you can have some fun. The bolder the design, and the larger the face, the better. Gold is a good color if you muster the confidence to pull off a completely gold watch, try to have it as a highlight in a two-tone watch strap. It’s one of the looks you will be forgiven for both having gold and silver on your wrist. Also, Streetwear incorporates retro as well as military design elements. Don’t be afraid to apply this to your timepiece. Sometimes the latest timepieces in fashion are contrasted to your clothing. But the watch then becomes a statement piece as opposed to just elevating your style.

Watch straps – conclusion

Watch straps can be challenging to decide upon, when purchasing a new one, or how you should match your outfit to your current watch strap. There are different types of watch straps in the market and to find the right one for different occasions requires proper research and knowledge. As you do not want to end up with expensive, yet lousy quality. Making sure that the quality is the match its price is a must.