Watch straps – best straps for spring

Watch straps – Women’s watch straps

There is nothing like a nice new watch to set off the mood this coming spring. This spring is extra ready with a women’s watch to show off your outfit and spring groove.  This season everything is just a little bit more relax and comfortable which is exactly what spring is all about. A time of new beginnings an opportunity to try out exciting stuff and explore different kinds of interests. 

Watch straps – Colorful watch straps for spring

This spring is the perfect time to take out your hats, sunglasses, statement shirts, and other fun and casual things in your closet. The right men or women’s watch will fit just right into the mix. And for that, the next best thing to do if you are not buying a new watch is to find the right strap.

Watch straps – types of watch straps

Rubber, nylon, and cloth are the obvious choice of material. These things are lightweight, comfortable to wear, breathable, easily cleaned and soft to the touch.  Metals and leather straps or bracelets are also fine, depending on the type of activities you lined up for the season. 

Watch straps – 4 top watch straps to choose from this spring

Watch straps - 4 top straps to choose from this spring

NATO strap

The NATO type of women’s watch strap is one that originated from military use.  This type is best characterized by its nylon construction that slides through the wristwatch’s spring bars. It also has a smaller secondary strap that can loop around the back to provide strong support on the timepiece. For this reason, NATO is a strong and ideal choice. It is both durable and at the same time easy to use and clean. These days there are a lot of NATO straps that are made to be quite colorful and fashionable. 

Perlon strap

The Perlon strap is very much similar to NATO, in that it is made from nylon; both types are normally chosen for their lightweight and easy to clean characteristics. The difference, however, would be on how they are formed. Unlike the NATO straps, Perlon is formed with a braided pattern, quite opposite from other kinds of materials that are from cut dense strips. This style is preferred by many because it opens the strap up a bit to allow better airflow. Another plus factor to this watch straps for women is that it is more versatile than NATO watch straps since it has a less military look to it which makes it wearable even as a dress watch. that’s more suited for dressier pieces. You can get Perlons bands either in one piece or two pieces. 


Spring is also a good time to dive, swim or do other water sports or activities. In this case, rubber watch straps would be a good choice for your men or women’s watches. The advantage of this material is obvious; they are waterproof, easy to use and clean as well as comfortable.

Perforated Leather

It may be the season to go out and have fun, but it does not mean, however, that you need to rough it out the whole time. This type of strap that can be a good go-to piece in your collection of watch accessories as it can pass for both a casual and dressier look. 

Watch straps – complete watch straps guide to every great style

Simply swapping out watch straps can transform its look, breathing new life into a piece you’ve had for years or dialing up or down the formality of a new purchase.