Watch strap – summer guide on how to clean your watch strap

Watch strap –  is in contact with the skin on a daily basis.

In the season of summer, we tend to go on sweaty, extreme physical activities, and also adventures that surely involves dirt or dust. But even if it isn’t summer, perspiration is something normal and hard to avoid, knowing it’s a way to control our body temperature. If you have summer watches that have leather watch bands then you should know how to clean it in the summertime.

Watch strap guide #1 – Common enemies of leather watch band

Common factors during summer like sweat, dirt, body oils, and dust can gather on the band, particularly leather.

In the first place, sweat doesn’t only fade the color, it can also form a bad odor and could even break down the leather itself. To preserve the integrity of a leather watch band, constant cleaning and maintenance are needed.

Below is a simple procedure on how to clean the leather watch bands of men and women’s watches.

Watch strap cleaning guide

  1. Wipe the leather watch bands with a clean cotton cloth. Doing this removes any surface dust and dirt from the leather and prevents scratching during the wet cleaning process.
  2. With lukewarm water, moisten another cotton cloth then add one to two drops of moisturizing liquid hand soap to the rag. Rub the fabric together to create suds.
  3. Gently wipe the leather watch bands in a circular motion with the soapy rag. Clean both sides of the band. Then, using a clean, damp cotton cloth, wipe over the leather again to remove the soap residue.
  4. Dry the leather thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth. Rest the watch in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to dry further.
  5. Once it is dry, apply a leather conditioner to the leather watch bands. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the leather conditioner, as it may vary among brands.

Watch straps – make cleaning your strap a habit in every season

If by any chance, your leather watch bands are made of unfinished leather, use saddle soap rather than hand soap to clean it. Wipe the watch band with a dry cloth when you take it off for the day. This helps to keep the buildup of sweating and dust to a minimum.

Watch strap – Summer watches come with colorful straps

Watch straps in different colors

Whether you’re going to the beach, working out indoors, cycling around the park, or going on a hike, Summer activities are usually accompanied by sweat, caused by the body and also the raging heat of the sun.

Watch strap – Leather watch straps during summer is not recommended

If you happen to prefer wearing the best watches for the summer season that are strapped with leather watch bands, you need to know how to maintain it. Leather acts like real skin, as it came from that, so like our actual skin, it’s quite sensitive. Don’t be scared to hit the summer with your leather watch if you know how to clean it, thanks to the simple instructions.

Watch strap – cleaning kit for your watch straps

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