Watch reviews on quartz watches for men

Watch reviews– it utilizes a battery as its primary power source.

Who does not love a nice quality men’s watch?  If you love watches or at the very least enjoy having at least more than one of them in their collection. Then you would know that wristwatches come with different styles, types, and movements- mechanical and quartz movement. Speaking of movement, it would refer to what allows the timepiece to move and work with all its functions included. It is the powerhouse behind every watch that provides it with the necessary power it requires-mechanical or quartz movement.

Watch reviews – 2 Types of Watch Movements:

  • Mechanical Movement
  • Quartz Movement

Of these two the easier one to understand and hold possession of would be quartz movement. Quartz movement in men and women’s watches basically refers to timepieces that make use of a battery for its source of power. Unlike mechanical watches, this type does not need to be winded. According to experts, this type is sure to prove time more accurately compared to others. 

Watch reviews – Parts and Components of  Quartz Movement:

watch reviews quartz movement

Watch reviewsBattery

As mechanical watches need a mainspring to give it power, so is the function of batteries for quartz watches for men.  For this type, batteries are its main source of power which means that the wearer can rely on accurate work from his or her timepiece for as long as batteries are regularly checked change between 1 to 2 years (depending on the type of battery it uses). The owner only needs to be mindful of not waiting for the watch to go dead before changing its power source, rather he should do it as soon as possible to avoid leaking acid from the drained battery and damaging the movement.

Watch reviewsIntegrated Circuit

This is the part ‘carries’ the electrical charge from the power source between the various parts of the quartz movement.

Watch reviewsQuartz Crystal

Does the same work that the balance wheel does for a mechanical watch. The Integrated circuit leads the power from the battery down to the machines that apply electricity from the battery to the quartz crystal in a constant stream. Electricity causes the quartz to vibrate and it is how its voltage is generated when it vibrates.

Watch reviewsStepping Motor

This is the component that transforms the electrical impulses from the quartz into mechanical power for the watch.

Watch reviewsDial Train

Its main function is similar to that of the dial train found on a mechanical movement.

Watch reviews – Easy Steps in the Working of Quartz Watch

  1. Electricity is brought from the power source (battery)  to the quartz crystal through its integrated circuit.
  2. The electricity causes the quartz crystal to vibrate at a rate of 32,768 per second.
  3. The vibrating motion from the electrical pulses is sent via the integrated circuit to the stepping motor.
  4. The stepping motor then sends every 32,768th electrical pulse to the dial train of the machine.
  5. Finally, with enough energy, the dial train advances the hands on the watch and the timepiece does its work well, until the next battery change.

Quartz watches for men or women is distinct from the others because it was hailed as being the watch of the century. 

Watch reviews – Quartz Movement

Individuals should know the watch movement of their timepiece. It’s possible that your watch might get damaged and need some repair. It’s better if you know which part of the quartz movement has a problem before bringing it to the watch repair shop.

If you wish to have a quartz watch then better check on these lists that I’ve gathered. These watches are available in the market now!