Watch Mistakes:How to avoid 8 mistakes that Watch Wearers make

Watch mistakes – it means you made mistakes in wearing your watch, the reasons why you bought it etc.

If you’re new to watches and planning to begin to collect them. Here are the common watch mistakes watch wearers make and how to avoid them:

Watch Mistakes

watch mistakes to avoid

Watch Mistakes #1- Not knowing what your watch can actually do

The most common complications are the chronograph which allows the wearer to measure elapsed time then there’s GMT, that is when a watch is able to track a second time zone. From there, the complications get more and more complicated. Generally, the merit of a watch is measured on its level of complications, in addition to aesthetic, design, construction and heritage, so if you’re not checking that part when you buy, you’re somehow missing the point.

Watch Mistakes # 2- Getting it wrong in the evening

Throughout the day it is more than acceptable to wear your bracelet strapped pilot’s watch that is exactly what they’re for. But when it comes to smartening up, no evening wear look is complete without a dress watch. Simplicity is a good rule of thumb. Gold or silver cases, sleek leather straps, and understated dials are also worth looking out for. Almost every watchmaker will do a dress watch, although the brand is less important though globally recognized as the benchmark, so long as it meets the above criteria, your tux will still be complemented by something at the lower end of the scale, too.

Watch Mistakes #3- Wearing leather under the heated sun

Just like clothes, watches for men are also seasonal. In the same sense that a chunky Chrono doesn’t belong at a black-tie event, the beach or the summer, in general, is no place for a sleek leather-strapped. In the warmer months, a NATO strap would be more comfortable. If you find yourself at the beach, a rubber or silicone strap would be suitable.

Watch Mistakes #4- Not taking care of your watch

You take care of yourself, maintain your figure well. Your watch wished you could take care of it too. Watches hold their value too. It would appreciate some cleaning sessions from you. If you had the time and initiative to clean your watch at every use then it might just last longer than it should. Cleaning it would somewhat save money instead of buying new ones.

Watch Mistakes #5- Keeping your watch on your left wrist

Traditionally, watches are worn on the left wrists but it wasn’t really stated as a rule. Mostly, right-handed people wear their watches on their left wrist since it feels uncomfortable using their right hand with a little heavy piece attached to it. If you’re left-handed then you’re probably used to wearing a watch on your right hand to avoid discomfort.

Watch Mistakes #6- Matching

Watches have become a standard part of each one’s outfit. A watch that matches your overall style would make you look extra dashing. There is a time and place for each style of watch, that’s why it would be better to match it to whatever you are wearing.

Watch Mistakes #7 Assuming the price determines its quality

A watch’s price tag doesn’t determine its quality. You never know it could be made of such expensive gold—but is actually easily broken causing it to end up more like an accessory than a timepiece. Some brands often sell prized watches just to create a luxurious image to the buyers and for them to think that it’s worth the penny. When buying watches for women consider their balance, movements, finishes, dial design, and complications.

Watch Mistakes #8- Buying a trendy watch

That’s why it is called a trend because it rises into fame for a while but soon fades. You can’t assume it’ll stay famous in the next few years. When buying a watch, be sure that it’s really what you want—not just to let you fit in with the trend.

Watch Mistakes Reminders

If you want to avoid the watch mistakes then better understand some points and apply it with your watch. Undeniably, we are not perfect but at least you’ll be aware of these watch mistakes. It’s very important that you know the reason why you purchase your watch. Also, you’ll be reminded of some flaws in obtaining a timepiece.

Try to avoid these eight watch mistakes to be able to get the right watch for you!

By looking at these watches, choose one and enjoy wearing it!