Watch Materials-What are the Pros and Cons of your Watch Materials

Watch Materials– watches are mainly made of stainless, metal, silicone and leather.

What the wristwatches or watches are made of doesn’t only affect how the timepiece looks – it also influences how much it weighs, how long it stays looking new, and how it interacts with your skin. And each material has its own upside and downside. It’s very important to know what are the pros and cons of the watch materials that you are planning to buy. With this information, it will be easy for you to pick the right watch for you regardless of the brand because some have the same materials made of. Be a wise collector or spender as you are looking for the best one. Try to check these complete details if your watch has this kind of material.

Watch Materials

watch materials for some watches
  • Stainless Steel

Watch Materials – Pros and Cons

Pros – It’s highly durable, professional-looking and hypoallergenic.

Cons – It’s fairly expensive.

  • Base metal

Pros – It’s a less- expensive alternative to stainless steel, sometimes gold plated.

Cons – It may cause allergy, may scratch or tarnish.

  • Silicone

Pros – It’s durable and available in any colors, excellent for sports and outdoor activities.

Cons – It doesn’t transition well from day to evening.

  • Leather

Pros – It’s soft, comfortable, and suitable for a range of occasions.

Cons – It may crack or fade over the years if not taken care of.

The watch complications

Any wristwatch function that extends beyond basic timekeeping is known as a complication. Here is a rundown of the complications you’re most likely to see on different types of men’s watches.

  • What is a Chronograph?

It is a stopwatch. You need it when you like to have a stopwatch handy without pulling one out of your pocket or pulling out your smartphone, good for coaches or runners.

  • What is a Multifunction sub-dial?

A sub-dial that indicates other elements of time, like the day of the week, a 24-hour clock, or GMT as an example. You need it when you like watches for men with enhanced functionality and a professional-looking dace.

  • What is the date display?

A window, extra hand, or sub-dial that indicates the date. It is preferred when you like to travel a lot.

  • What is a Moon-phase indicator?

A sub-dial or window that shows the full, half, quarter, or new moon. You will most likely buy it if you like a watch with a little aesthetic flair.

  • What is an alarm clock in a wristwatch?

A built-in reminder of an event that can be set independently of the time. If you need a wristwatch with an alarm clock if you have a busy schedule, or need an alarm when the smartphone is out of reach, this one is suitable for you.

  • What is a tachymeter?

Tachymeter is an instrument for measuring speed, usually built as a scale on the inner or outer bezel, and usually found in conjunction with a chronograph. If you need tachymeter if you are a pilot or race car driver, it helps gauge the rate at which a vehicle is moving.

Indeed, you have learned the watch materials used in your timepiece. Now, you have the idea on which materials to choose for your new watch in the future. Do research before purchasing a watch and look for the watch materials it’s made of. Assuredly, you’ll be satisfied with your choice due it’s made of good quality materials.

Which watch materials do you like? Better choose what you think is best for your preferred timepiece.

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