Watch maintenance – signs your luxury watch needs servicing

Watch maintenance – regular maintenance

Luxury watches are designed and built to last a lifetime, and their price should reflect this. However, they do require a little maintenance if they’re to stay in shape. Most watch brands will have a service interval that they recommend and in many cases, this is required to keep up the guarantee. But if you have a luxury watch and haven’t really considered its servicing requirements before, or if you suspect your watch might need a servicing, have a look at the following tips for watch maintenance. Servicing might not be cheap, but regular watch maintenance could save you a costly repair bill in the future.

Watch maintenance – Watch care tips important to follow

Watch maintenance - Watch care tips important to follow

Watch maintenance tip #1 – Evidence of moisture

Does your watch have condensation on the glass, water droplets on the dial or hands, air bubbles floating around under the glass? These are signs that you need to take your watch to a watch service center. Rust can form very quickly and prove fatal to the movement.

Watch maintenace tip #2 – timekeeping will fluctuate

All mechanical watches’ timekeeping will fluctuate, but this should be within specific parameters. A quartz watch will keep an almost perfect time. If you notice a change in the behavior of the watch, it may need a service. If you notice a change in the behavior of the watch, it may need a service. Get your watch to proper watch workshop. The watchmaker will have a clever box of tricks to test either quartz or mechanical watches. These will tell him exactly how much time the watch is losing or gaining, and how this is changing fluctuating.

Watch maintenance tip #3 – does anything feel or sound differently?

You would be amazed at what can be deduced by turning the hands or listening to the movement without even opening the case. An experienced watchmaker will have developed the senses of touch and hearing to the 9th degree. On opening the case, the 3rd sense of the trained eye comes in and will spot very quickly the condition of the movement.

Watch maintenance tip #4 – does the second skip a beat?

This one if for quartz watches only and is a sign that the battery is about to die, although it will continue to keep a good time for another 2 weeks or so.

Watch maintenance tip #5 – does the crown still crew in?

This applies especially to sports watches. If the watch has a screw-down crown, it should crew nicely against the case. If not moisture, dust or full-on water ingress may occur so do see watchmaker as soon as possible if this is happening.

Watch maintenance tip #6 – Regularly winding and/or wearing your watch

Automatic watches that aren’t worn regularly, means it is not being winded and is likely to seize up. The incredibly fine oil used to lubricate your watch can dry, so, like a car, your watch will last longer if worn or at least regularly wound. A watch winding box that keeps your watch moving can be invaluable.

Watch maintenance – Service your watch regularly

Watch maintenance – if you are a person who enjoys water sports, a particularly active lifestyle, lots of golf even rock climbing – you may wish to service your watch more regularly. Bangs and jolts, sudden movements and frequent water contact all take their toll, and in these cases, regardless of what the watch is telling you, regular servicing is a must if you want to keep your watch healthy. You have invested a great deal of money in your treasured timepiece, and if serviced on a regular basis, it will be with you for life.

Here is some basic watch maintenance kit you can use, however it is best that you consult a watch repair shop if you can do the regular cleaning yourself and how you can do it without damaging your luxury watch.

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