Watch Maintenance – How to Remove Scratch from your Priced Watch

Watch maintenance – basic watch care to remember

Oh no! There is a scratch on my luxury watch. Have you experienced this horror? Well, watch maintenance or watch care is needed. Men are equally as protective with their men’s watch as the women are with their priced watch, shoes or bag. For this reason, seeing a scratch could easily cause any guy to sweat bitterly. But do not lose hope. Here are a couple of foolproof remedies that you can try at the comfort of your home. 

watch maintenance

Watch Maintenance #1. TOOTHPASTE’s are not just for your Teeth

In my opinion, this one is the simplest and easiest home remedy you can try to get rid of the mark on your wristwatch for men. Many have proven it to be effective and claim that it is one of the best that can be done in such a situation. It all starts with the slightly abrasive characteristic of the paste ( make sure its paste and not the gel type that you use). So also, it can help much to remove all those micro-scratches on your watch. It works with Gorilla Glass types on smartphones, so it can be presumed that it can work as nicely as other regular glass. We bet that it will also work well on common watch crystals. Make sure your toothpaste is not a gel toothpaste if you want to give this a try.


  • What you do is to begin by taping the bezel of the watch with a  narrow type masking tape to protect it from damage.
  • Then place a  small amount of toothpaste onto the affected part of the watch face. 
  • Gently rub the area with the toothpaste, using your finger. 
  • When you are done carefully take off the toothpaste with a soft cloth, then continue rubbing as needed or until the scratch disappears.

Watch Maintenance #2. VASELINE or other petroleum-based lotions/ ointment

This is doing it old school, with this remedy. However, this hack works better with men’s watches that have plastic covers rather than glass

Watch Maintenance #3. PENCIL ERASER 

Another time tested hacks in removing marks and scratches on glass or priced watch. Your parents and even grandparent might have tried it at one point or another. Just make sure that you use to do it gently, especially if you try it on smartwatches. Another thing you have to be mindful of is the covering of the eraser. Choose an eraser with smooth grains to it.

Watch Maintenance #4. CLEANING PRODUCTS for Vehicles 

For men the two things that they surely protective and affectionate about would be their favorite men’s watch and of course their expensive car (ladies do not despair, this is just how it is). Is this being so, what better solution can you give to one favorite than the treatment that also worked with your other love? There are a lot of good auto cleaning commodities available in the market that effectively addresses the problem well. There are products that do well to polish windscreen with nano glass coating (cool right?). It does not only polish the glass but even gives it a layer of protection that your expensive car and watch can do well with. If it works with a Ferrari, then why not a  Rolex?

Watch Maintenance

Cleaning your watch regularly would maintain your watch’s exquisiteness so it also can be wearable for a period of time. Moreover, the watch care kit can be your next option in cleaning your timepiece. Your watch needs watch maintenance, it’s your obligation to clean them since you’re the owner. It belongs to your belongings as well, better take care of them if you want it to stay long on your wrist.

If you want your watch to stay longer on your wrist, better check on these lists.