Watch Guide – Key Elements to Choosing the Right Size

Watch Guide – is a guide in buying or purchasing a watch

Men’s watches do not come cheap. These types of watches for men are often more expensive than those for women. This is the reason why it is very important that you get the right watch for you. Doing so ensures that you are able to really enjoy your purchase and at the same time get your hard-earned money’s worth. The watch guide is recommendable to watch wearers.

The first step to finding the best wristwatch for men or women is to decide the type of you are getting. Whether you want a pilot, automatic, quartz or a mechanical one. And then you proceed to know the design that you would go for, as well as the budget you are ready and willing to invest in the purchase. Now, after all these preliminaries another important factor to consider is proportion and balance. Make sure that the timepiece you get actually fits you.

Watch Guide – These are the 5 key elements to check

watch guide

Watch Guide1. Watch Case Diameter

  • Case Diameter this part refers to the most easily observable portion of the men’s watch.   Men’s watches usually have a case diameter that ranges from 38 mm to 46 mm. 
  • If it goes beyond 46 mm then it might just be too large, unless of course you naturally have thick wrists. Nothing to worry also if you are going for the rakish or flashy effect. 
  • Anything below 38 mm may already be too small unless you have naturally slim wrists. This size usually looks better for jewelry.
  • Know your measurement.

Watch Guide2. Watch Case Thickness

  • The case thickness of this aspect is directly in accordance with and proportional to the case diameter.
  • In the past, it was thought that a thinner case was men’s watches of higher quality. Again that was in the past.
  • Nowadays the general rule is, as the diameter of the case increases or decreases, the thickness does the same. 
  • Its measurement for 38mm to 42mm diameter is usually around 7 mm in thickness. And as it goes up to 44 mm or beyond, the thickness increases to around 9 mm.
  • To be safe the standard for the thickness of the case should be best proportioned to your body if you choose the right case diameter. 

Watch Guide3. Watch and Width

  • This one refers to the structure that secures the watch to the wearer’s wrist. To be well proportioned, the watch usually has a bandwidth of about half its case diameter ( so, again the importance of knowing your measurement).
  • If in case you wear a 40 mm watch, the width should be approximately 20 mm in width.
  • It means that depending on your style or preference you may want to wear a watch with either a narrower or wider bandwidth.
  • Example in my case, my preference runs toward smaller bandwidths, even though I have smaller wrists. If however, you have larger wrists you may want to lean towards wider bands.
  • Another consideration is that if you are shopping for cases and want to pick out a band later, you can pick out, the width of the band based on the lug width.

Watch Guide

Furthermore, the watch guide can help you find the best watch in the marketplace. All you have to do is read the guidelines carefully then follow them. After that, you’re off to go to the watch stores and ready to grab the best watch for you!

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