Watch Guide – Buying guide and review of men’s watches

Watch Guide – Watch Movements, Display and Features of Men’s Watches

There is no doubt about the important role watches for men and women play in modern fashion. This is especially so for the menfolk, with very little acceptable accessory to choose from. A timepiece is surely a unique and versatile add-on to any outfit or enhancement to a look anyone is trying to pull off. Moreover, watch guide for men’s watches are important too.

Wearing the right watch to an occasion or event is advantageous not just for the right time it provides, but also for the added impact it provides its wearer. It may be hard for some men to realize and accept that there is an actual benefit to choosing the right type of accessory. For many men, the extent of accessory is known and wearable to them would be a good pick in a wristwatch. Men’s watches are chosen and worn not just for the fashion sense they show, but for the subtle and classic hint of style and status they provide. 

And yes, there are really 20 distinct types of wristwatches for men and women. So it is just not all, either quartz, mechanical or automatic pieces as options. The 20 can be grouped into three main categories:

watch guide

Watch GuideGroup 1: According to their Movement – which includes the automatic, mechanical, spring drive, quartz, solar, kinetic and chronometer.

These types of watches are basically grouped separately according to the difference in the way the timepiece is able to move and work. Movement is all about how these watches for men and women are able to receive or generate the necessary power of energy they require in order to work and perform its function. 

Watch GuideA subgroup of this classification would be the following:

  • Automatic and mechanic watches– these two are commonly put together due to the fact have no need for an outside power source. Instead, all they require is regular winding; winding may either be as a response to their wearers movement or manual winding done before they are worn.
  • Quartz watches– the most accurate of them and the one which basically  rely on the power provided for batteries.
  • Spring drive, solar and kinetic timepieces– on the other hand these types is what we can call a cross or combination of the good characteristics of either automatic, mechanical and quartz.

Watch GuideGroup 2: The Type of Watch Display they have – would refer to the analog, hybrid, digital, tactile, and also the touchscreen.  

The emphasis on this group focus on how the display or face of the watch is. It is all about the type of view the wearer will get. It is on how the time is given, the extent of information that can easily be viewed and level of legibility.

Watch GuideGroup 3: Based on their Watch Function and Style – and finally this one which includes the dive, military, chronograph, smartwatch, GMT, dress, aviator or pilot, GPS and atomic radio controlled kind.

Watch Guide

This is all about the type of service and offering the watch for men or women possess other than its original function of providing the right and accurate time.